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2200+ Free Fonts for Designers

Visit 2200+ Free Fonts for Designers

2200 Free Fonts is a free webmaster resource providing access to freeware fonts for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. Established in 2004 it has gained popularity quickly, because it's simple and user-friendly. This site contains no pop-ups, no misleading link, and in general is user-friendly. For a small fee you can obtain all of the free fonts on the website in one single download. The fonts are organized by alphabet letter from A to Z. Examples of fonts you can find on the website include: A Cut Above The Rest, Babelfish, Baby Blocks, Baby Kruffy, Bullet Holz, Caveman, Celestial Normal, Delirium, Dragon Order, Earthquake, Earwig Factory, Gadzoox Bold, Glaz Krak Solid, Samba, Tags Xtreme, Tall Paul, Tappy, and at least 2200 more fonts for your computer.

  • Cost: Free