ASP : Scripts and Programs : Classified Ads

Job Career Package

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A full and ready to use ASP script that enables managing a full job career site. Users can post their C.V.s or their job opportunities and can modify them later or delete them through a security system. The script includes advanced search capabilities and ready to use templates. It uses MS Access with ability to be upgraded into SQL. The Admin Control Page that enables you to control most aspects of this package such as viewing, deleting, adding, etc. This script is perfect for posting jobs, resumes, and news.

  • Cost: $39.00
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Education

Articles & Papers Package

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This ASP Script allows you to have a site for articles or papers where surfers can submit their articles according to the categories you specify. Academic needs were taken into consideration too. Upload features (Artisans and ASPupload), and Full admin area. Users can submit as many articles as they wany. Articles won't be published until they got the admin approval. Articles can be of PDF or DOC format or users can write the whole article instead of uploading it. It uses MS Access with ability to be upgraded into SQL.

  • Cost: $33.00
  • Version: 2.0
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Email Systems

Contact Us Manager

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This ASP script allows visitors of your site to contact you through a form which will help get rid of robots harvesting your email address. The script has an Admin Area to check your inbox where your incoming messages are stored. You can reply to incoming messages immediately through your site in the Admin Area. The script also has an address book so you can store contacts and add new users to your address book where you can also compose new messages. Requires MS Access & SQL. Supports many languages such Arabic & English which are included.

  • Cost: $25.00
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Graphs and Charts

JavaScript Diagram Builder

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The JavaScript Diagram Builder is a library of some objects and functions, which helps you to display and dynamically modify coordinate diagrams (resp. charts/graphs) in webpages. The objects Diagram, Bar, Box, Dot, Pixel, Line and Area can be used for the display of data. The coordinate diagram can be drawn with various scales and grid options. The drawn objects can be dynamically modified via JavaScript (position, size, visibility) and can also be used for user interaction via onclick event. Supports IE, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 6+, Opera 5+.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 3.3
  • Platforms: Windows/Linux
PHP : Programmers

BoldScripts Custom Software

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BoldScripts brings webmasters and programmers together. If you are a webmaster in need of a custom site, or if you are a programmer in need of work, they can help. They have open projects ready for bidding and programmers waiting for work already. The site lists the project name, number of bids on the project, skills required to do the project, and when the bidding starts and ends. It's free to post, so why not post your project or bid on a project and see the results?

  • Cost: Varies