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HTTP Commander

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HTTP Commander is web file manager, file upload, web file sharing solution. This software intended for fast and easy integration into Windows web sites functionality of sharing and management files at the server through web browser over HTTP. Its interface looks the same as Windows File Explorer. Users can remotely work with personal or shared folders stored at server side. It designed for Microsoft IIS web servers, written in ASP.NET, supports all popular browsers ans OS at client side. HTTP Commander support both Forms authentication (Standard version) and Windows authentication (for Windows users(Active Directory) version). Features include: Files/folders management operations: creation, copying, deleting, renaming, move; Viewing and setting of attributes; Search for files; Web based editor of text files; Drag and Drop items to folder or ZIP archive at the server side. Also possible to drag items to folder in tree.

  • Cost: Free / $79.00+
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server