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ClassifiedZONE solution is perfect for use on any web site or as a stand-alone product. Your site visitors can browse your classified ads by multiple categories, save their favorite ads, and print out flyers from your ads to show their friends. ClassifiedZONE gives your site visitors the power to: Post and manage their own classified ads right on your site; Create and modify ads at any time of the day or night; E-mail ads to their friends; Save their favorite ads for up to 30 days; Create search agents that notify them of new ads.

  • Cost: $399.00
  • Version: 1.2
ColdFusion : Scripts and Programs : E-Commerce


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couponZONE is a ColdFusion based solution for businesses that want to provide local, national and wireless coupons. Each coupon is individually generated as it is requested with a unique barcode/serial number printed directly on the coupon. Client and coupon information is administered through an easy to use GUI interface. With classifiedZONE, you can change nearly every aspect of the program to suit your idea of how it should look and feel, including fonts, colors and header/footer content.

  • Cost: $799.00
  • Version: 4.0
ColdFusion : Web Sites


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fusionZONE offers a wide range of professional web design and development services to establish or enhance your presence on the World Wide Web. We utilize a team of highly qualified individuals who specialize in web design, site promotion and e-business architecture.

  • Cost: Varies
General : Directories

Find Web Hosts

Visit Find Web Hosts

Provides comprehensive directories of Web hosting companies, resources, news and guides. Categories include: shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, NT Windows web hosting, ecommerce web hosting, managed web hosting, virtual private servers, colocation services, database web hosting, Australian web hosting, Canadian web hosting, UK Irish web hosting, and domain name registrars. Articles include how to choose a web host and web hosting reseller resources.

  • Cost: Free
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Alerts and Prompts

Bookmark This Page Script

Visit Bookmark This Page Script

In Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, the script automatically opens the dialog to add your bookmark to the visitor's favorites. In other browsers like Netscape, the message in the txt variable is shown. You can use an image or text for this add bookmark link.

  • Cost: Free

Invoking The SaveAs Dialog

Visit Invoking The SaveAs Dialog

Visitors can save a web page from a link using this script. IE4+ browsers provide a document.execCommand that can call certain system dialogs. This script demonstrates calling the SaveAs dialog to save the page. The script includes onload interlocking and alternate alert messaging for non-IE browsers. Note that the script can only be used to save the current page; that is, the page in which the script is included.

  • Cost: Free

Make This Page Your Homepage

Visit Make This Page Your Homepage

In IE 5 and later browsers, clicking the link opens the dialog to set the current page as the visitor's homepage. An IE conditional comment prevents the link from showing in other browsers that do not support this. In other words it degrades gracefully in browsers that do not support this feature.

  • Cost: Free

Right Click Opens Popup Window

Visit Right Click Opens Popup Window

Use this script to launch a popup window whenever the right mouse button is clicked. Useful for limited protection of page code and images; and the popup window can contain whatever fulmination on human morals you wish to deliver. The script allows you to also set the address, width, height, top, and left dimensions for the popup window.

  • Cost: Free