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Conversionstats is a Free professional conversion tracking system that lets you compare your conversions via search engines, pay per click programs, advertising campaigns and referrers. Conversionstats is the most securest and compatible conversion tracking tool on the net. Features: Simple Interface which makes Conversionstats easy-to-us for advance or novice users; Geo Tracking System enabling you to track conversions by country, state and city; Track Multiple websites option that allows to compare as many websites as you want; Seo Campaign Tracking which analyzes the conversion rate within 4 basic marketing mediums, such as pay per click, search engines, campaigns and referrers; Free heat map tracking that tracks the click views by heat map over your site; Shopping Cart/Merchant compatibility gives unlimited errorless integration with your existing merchants or shopping carts.

  • Cost: Free - $750/mo
  • Platforms: All