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EuroTask is a browser based Help Desk and ITIL Compatible Service Desk application, that is developed to help organizations or departments keep track of their tasks. EuroTask is used to keep tasks alive from the moment they are assigned to a person, to the responsible person is finished with the the task, and decides to close it. Have you ever tried that you tell a person to do something for you, and after a while the person has forgotten everything about your specific task. This will no longer happen if you assign the task using EuroTask. The person will receive the task, and as soon as her or her changes anything in the task, you will automatically be notified by E-mail. Once the assigned person chooses to close the task, you will also be notified, and if you can't accept that that the task has been closed, you have the ability to re-open it, and return it to the person. Advantages: Higher Efficiency, Productivity, and Communication.

  • Cost: 999.00
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Platforms: Windows