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Flash Sound On/Off Button

Visit Flash Sound On/Off Button

A simple tutorial on creating a sound on/off button using Flash actionscript. This tutorial gives you a live demonstration on how the sound on and off button works and allows you to download the sample .fla file as well.

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Pegaweb Web Design

Visit Pegaweb Web Design

Pegaweb Web Design & Photoshop Tutorials features web design, graphic design and Adobe Photoshop tutorials written by Daniel Piechnick. He is a professional Web Designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Features articles, Photoshop tutorials, free website templates and web buttons. Much of the content on this site is original.

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Ask Visitor For Name

Visit Ask Visitor For Name

Personalize your page with this very simple paste-it-in script that asks the vistor for his or her name when entering your page, then prints a "Hello" welcome message anywhere you wish in the body of the page. If the visitor does not type in a message, a default message shows, instead. Very easy install for JavaScript newcomers.

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No Right Click Script

Visit No Right Click Script

Causes an alert box to be triggered when the visitor right clicks on the web page with the mouse. In other words it disables the standard menu that appears when someone right clicks on your web site and instead shows an alert box. Provides simple, though limited, protection of images, source code, text, and data.

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Access Control by Screen Size

Visit Access Control by Screen Size

With an increasing number of standard screen resolutions in use, it's often necessary to do separate designs for each. Use this script to control access and redirect to separate pages based on 640, 800, 1024, or larger screen sizes. The script includes optional alert messages, which can be enabled or disabled via a script variable. Thorough instructions are in the script, and set-up is easy.

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Amazing Draggable Layer

Visit Amazing Draggable Layer

This script implements a draggable layer that can be used much like a popup window, but without the usual focus problems that popups often imply. This is also an alternative for a webmaster to fight against popup killers, by simulating a popup box with layers. This script would replace the typical javascript code that creates a popup with the open window function. Also included are simple controls to show or hide the draggable layer. Compatible with NS4-7 & IE.

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Image Popup Window Script

Visit Image Popup Window Script

Use this script to launch a popup window that automatically loads an image and resizes itself to fit neatly around that image. The script also places a title you set in the titlebar of the popup window. Any number of images can be launched from a single instance of the script.

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