General : Tools and Utilities

Xtreeme DHTML Menu Studio Professional

Visit Xtreeme DHTML Menu Studio Professional

Easily create dynamic DHTML drop down menus and integrate into existing websites-With this program you can add a DHTML drop down menu to your web site within a few minutes. The program comes with hundreds of predefined attractive graphical looks and supports easy integration with existing web sites whether they're based on frames, server-side includes or DreamWeaver templates. You can also set up the menu items dynamically using server-side scripts. The output DHTML menus are optimized and cross-browser compatible.

  • Cost: $59.00
  • Version: 2.5
  • Platforms: Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Ad Management

SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite

Visit SunnyScript's AdvertisingSuite

Flexible ad space management to take control over all your web-based advertisements. Reliable technology suited for high load environments. Some of the features: Unlimited ad campaigns; integrated advertiser management and online billing ability; advertiser lounge providing live account and campaign management, statistics; flexible banner targeting (hours, weekdays, days, site zones, geographical zones, keywords) and many campaign settings (activation and deactivation dates, duration,.); image, text and multimedia banners supported.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Affiliate Programs

SunnyScript's YourAfflliate

Visit SunnyScript's YourAfflliate

Reliable affiliate management software to pay click-through, per-sale and per-lead commissions. Easy to integrate into existing e-commerce systems. Some of the features: Multiple affiliate programs; fix and variable commissions supported; handles also offline sales; multi-level commissions; intelligent fraud prevention; feature-rich affiliate lounge offering interactive account management and live statistics; flexible payout solution with cheque printing; and much more. Please visit the website for detailed information.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Customer Support

SunnyScript's MessageSuite

Visit SunnyScript's MessageSuite

Affordable feature-rich mail and trouble ticket (helpdesk) software to improve your customer relationship management, pre-sale and support inquiries or to organize your company's communication flow. Some of the features: Online/offline communications supported; mail import and management via POP3 accounts; supports attachments; online chat for live support from your website; multiple staff members, topic categories and user groups; FAQ and Knowledgebase solutions powered by a fuzzy-logic search (reduces workload); advanced permission.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Database Tools

SunnyScript's EasyData

Visit SunnyScript's EasyData

Reliable database engine coming with a fully customizable web-frontend and providing professional features for data retrieval and storage. Suited to host any kind of business related databases, search engines (like this one) and other database-driven applications (e.g. content management tasks) Some of the features: Handles multiple databases at once; category system; unlimited fields; user permissions (access restriction) and moderations; powerful search operations and versatile display settings; record ratings, comments and votings.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : E-Commerce

SunnyScript's SunnyShop

Visit SunnyScript's SunnyShop

Professional e-commerce system to build web shops easily; manages single stores or even entire mall systems. Totally customizable and translatable to fit into an existing website's layout. Some of the features: Handles multiple shops at once; advanced product database with category system and powerful search operations; product options (also price affecting); gift certificates, discounts; sales tax; out-of-stock tool; multiple shipping and payment methods; online payment processing; product recommendations and bookmarking; SSL encryption;.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Form Processors

SunnyScript's PowerForm

Visit SunnyScript's PowerForm

Professional formmailer, providing advanced features. Suited for critical form processing tasks, like order acceptance. Some of the features: Advanced form handling (e-mailed, save-to-file, both); individual mail templates and screens; handles binary file uploads; verifications of form content; calculations with form content; multiple autoresponders using personalized mailings; strong security settings; compatible with the "standard formmailer syntax"; and much more. Please visit the website for detailed information.

  • Cost: $49.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Mailing List Managers

SunnyScript's MailingStar

Visit SunnyScript's MailingStar

Versatile mailing list software suited for e-commerce applications (e.g. business newsletters, online selling and corporate communication). Some of the features: Multiple lists and unlimted subscribers; individual list preferences; personalized mailings with attachments; double opt-in; sign-up/sign-off confirmations; subscriber lounge providing online account management; multi-language capable; effectiveness tracking; scheduling and auto execution of mailing jobs; invitations; e-mail address grabber and import utility; auto removement of.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Miscellaneous

SunnyScript's FreeSurfer

Visit SunnyScript's FreeSurfer

Get back your anonymity while visiting websites and speed-up Internet access by removing ad banners and (dangerous) script parts. Ideally suited to build your own web anonymizing service Some of the features: High anonymity via a proxy gateway system; removes ad banners, scripts and cookies; customizable preferences and anonymity levels; sends anonymous web mails; works with most Internet technologies; supports http, https and ftp protocols; customizable web-frontend; absolutely easy to install; and much more.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Password Protection

SunnyScript's AccessGuardian

Visit SunnyScript's AccessGuardian

Protect websites, software and data libraries against unauthorized access; combined with online billing suited for selling paid website memberships and electronic goods (software, e-books). Some of the features: Multiple subscriptions at a time;.htaccess or special proxy gateway; seamless integration into existing content; advanced access management; online billing and various access parameters; preference settings; customizable member lounge providing account management; fraud prevention; and much more.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : URL Submitters

Site Submitter Pro

Visit Site Submitter Pro

With Site Submitter Pro script your visitors or customers can submit their sites to the 120+ major search engines. It also features real-time processing, and easy customizable HTML code. Other features include: country-specific Search Engines, logs submission, one click submission search engine updates.Site Submitter Pro performs visual URL submission. So the user can see all the search engines responses. You can change settings, update search engine list and view submission logs from the admin panel.

  • Cost: $44.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Web Hosting Tools

SunnyScript's MagicStatistics

Visit SunnyScript's MagicStatistics

MagicStatistics measures the web site traffic and the online behavior of your visitors: So you get detailed website traffic statistics with tons of useful reports-presented in a clear, understandable way to track the success of your website. Some of the features: Web-based report creations; sending of reports via e-mail; selectable date range; over 21 report types; tracking of search engines (keyword targeting); ready-to-print reports; automatic logfile detection; complete logfile maintenance including logfile archives; schedulable.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows

SunnyScript's ServerCheck

Visit SunnyScript's ServerCheck

How does your server (website, domain, ftp account,.) feels today. Monitor the availability of any Internet resource easily and protect yourself from downtimes. A must-have for webhosting resellers and webdesigners managing client webspace. Some of the features: Unlimited number of resources to check; http, https, ftp, pop3 protocols as well as all socket connections supported; schedulable; custom preferences for each resource; notifications also sent to cell phones and pagers; live testing of resources; history and performance ratings.

  • Cost: $49.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows