ColdFusion : Web Sites


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Since 1998, Nextbigleap has been developing sites that encompass the technology of Macromedia's ColdFusion. As a client you can be assured that Nextbigleap has the knowledge to deliver any size project, on-time and within budget. Nextbigleap not only delivers impressive web applications but have been known to undertake re-development and maintenance of old sites. As well as Coldfusion, the Nextbigleap team has all the skills required to deliver sites that are accessible by all users. If you wish to discuss a project then get in touch.

  • Cost: Varies
General : Tools and Utilities

GFI Network Server Monitor

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GFI Network Server Monitor automatically monitors the network and servers for failures. It allows you to identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your users (or managers) report them to you. Alerts can be sent by email, pager or SMS, for instant problem notification. Actions, such as rebooting a machine, restarting a service or running a script can be done automatically. GFI Network Server Monitor tests the status of a service by actually logging on, testing and logging off, rather than deducing a service status from generated events (as other products do), which is the only real way to ensure server uptime.

  • Cost: $395.00
  • Version: 7
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/2003/NT/XP
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Chat Scripts


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Easy installation. Just upload, change permissions and start chatting. All you need is CGI/PHP access. Chat icons included. Very fast reload time. A seperate message archive to catch up on older posts. Up to 200 posts saved per archive page. 12 different chat colors + basic black. Non cluttered and seperated chat window. Auto refresh and even a manual refresh for those who think that 15 seconds is too long to wait. Audible sound alert to let you know when there is a refresh. Blend the chat into the look and feel of your own site.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0
Perl : Programmers

Progland Perl/CGI Programming

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Progland can customize most Perl scripts to your requirements and can modify most scripts written by other programmers or companies, as long as it is allowed by their copyright documentation. They also create custom scripts. Their programming rates are very competitive, in fact cheap by industry standards. They also provide a Perl script installation service where you pick the script and they do the installation. They can install Perl scripts for Unix or Windows NT servers. All custom script solutions come with full, post-installation support.

  • Cost: $10-15/hr
Perl : Scripts and Programs : Ad Management

Ad Master

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Ad Master is a professional banner advertisement package which helps you to optimize your banner campaigns. It provides the comprehensive and convenient way to control banners and campaigns. Ad Master is the solution for site owners, who would like to make money by selling banner space on their web sites. Also this package is developed for webmasters, who pay for advertising campaigns. Multiple campaigns can be created. Rotate banners, text ads, html ads, dhtml ads or your own content. Track and report the ads of your advertisers on your sites.

  • Cost: $34.95
  • Version: 2.3