General : Graphics


Visit MyWebButtons is a subscription based site that has thousands of buttons in various sizes and colors. No two button sets are alike. New buttons added daily, Around 100 new sets each month. Each set contains standard and mouseover images as well as the javascript to use them on any web page. The site also includes navigation bars and icons. There are free buttons in the public area that show a small sampling of what is inside. There are hundreds of sets in the member's area of the site that can be used on any site.

  • Cost: $5.95-$9.95/mo
  • Platforms: Any
General : Web Design

Cardin Media - Web Design Services

Visit Cardin Media - Web Design Services

Cardin Media specializes in creating database-driven web sites with admin sections that allow owners to easily update their own site without any knowledge of HTML or programming. If you can use a program like Microsoft Word, you can easily and quickly edit your own site without having to hire a webmaster. Cardin Media also provide custom ASP programming and site design, including database design, inventory management, MySQL and MS Access databases, Flash animation, graphic design and more.

  • Cost: Varies


Visit ColorCombos

The site helps web designers put together the perfect color combination. The Combo Tester is the heart of the site. This web based tool allows web designers to test different color combinations quickly and efficiently. With the Combo Tester, color columns can be added, moved and deleted. The tool can also be set to display text colors. The site also contains a growing library of color combinations called the Combo Library. From the Combo Library you can also click on a color combination and move it to the Combo Tester.

  • Cost: Free
XML : Tutorials

CTDP XML tutorial

Visit CTDP XML tutorial

Describes XML categories, XML document types and how to create them, the XML DTD, XML elements and attributes along with many examples. It describes a document type definition, what its purpose is and gives an example. Element attributes and process instructions are also covered. This tutorial describes XML uses, XML categories. Markup languages, such as HTML or XML, allow special markup to be embedded with the rest of the text that will enable the program that displays the file to determine how to display the text.

  • Cost: Free