C and C++ : Development Software

Packer Molebox

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Packer MoleBox packs an application and all of its data files into a single exe-file. Even DLL's may be embedded into executable or packed with other resource files. Application packed with MoleBox works the same way as before packing without any changes in its source code. Packer MoleBox allows you to: compress and encrypt exe-files; compress and encrypt data files and DLL's; protect exe-file from reverse engineering; protect data files against viewing and modifications; embed DLL's into exe-files. MoleBox will decrease application sizes.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Version: 2.1.5
  • Platforms: Windows
General : Tools and Utilities

Mobile View

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Mobile View features include user and administrative console, three-level security, compatibility with existing software, unlimited upgrades, and Advanced Window Client. Technical support can examine Pocket PC over the Internet or GPRS, and suggest the most appropriate course of action, be that installation of new product/program, upgrade of existing software, or fixing an error on your Pocket PC. Mobile View will be helpful for Medical Professionals, Industrial applications, large-scale Remote Monitoring, and Help Desk and Support function.

  • Cost: $24.99
  • Version: 0.4
  • Platforms: Windows


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dotPocket is a powerful utility that allows you to enhance the visual capabilities of your Pocket PC and to easily integrate your handheld with desktop systems. DotPocket PC includes advanced video driver to go along with easy-to-use interface. Easily switch video modes, choose portrait or landscape screen orientation for your device, set predefined or custom screen resolutions and more. Pocket PC application includes an advanced video driver for resolutions up to 2000x2000, zooming and panning options, and one button zoom control.

  • Cost: $30.00
  • Version: 2.1
  • Platforms: Windows
PHP : Programmers

Media-Art Remote Development

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PHP, MySQL, and Flash web development from Russia. Web sites development for small and large business. Ecommerce web site solutions: shopping carts, online shops, payment system gateways, online casinos development. Ready solutions: Light Editor - easy to integrate and work with free shopping cart; Omega - PHP and MySQL based content management system with WYSIWYG editor; BackOffice - credit cards payment gateway: encrypted database storage, database web interface, different database access/management rights, multi-shops support.

  • Cost: Varies
PHP : Scripts and Programs : News Publishing


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NewsPHP is a perfect solution for web publishing. It works as a Content Management System that is easy to install and manage without having to FTP upload your pages every time you need to update it. Features include: Easy customization with config script; Post, edit and delete news items; Headlines script lets you display the headline of your latest news; Archive feature that lets your users view old news; Easy user management with 2 different user access levels; Full banner management with statistics; and online news style editing.

  • Cost: $59.00-$750.00
  • Version: 1.02
  • Platforms: All
Visual Basic : Development Software


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Add skin support to your VB6 projects with vbSkinner. You can change the look of your application easily by adding this control to the forms. With vbSkinner Pro for VB6 your project will have a skin system. The forms will have a rounded look, with a new title bar. It is also possible to change the colors and the shape of the forms corners. Visual Basic 6.0 programs can have a distinctive look with this ActiveX control. It can give you the possibility to allow your users to create their own skins.

  • Cost: Free/$15.00-$229.00
  • Version: 1.5
  • Platforms: Windows