ASP : Scripts and Programs : Content Management

Fixit DMS

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Document and File Management system for your intranet or internet site. Control who can upload, delete, add folders, view comments, and add comments. Lock/unlock documents preventing others from editing them while you are making changes. Includes full search capabilities and full user administration. Provide access to documents and files 24/7. Promote document sharing by using this document management system. Comes with Access database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripts. Unlimited folders and files. 100% VBScript/ASP.

  • Cost: $49.00
ASP : Scripts and Programs : FAQ and Knowledgebase

Fixit FAQ Pro

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Fixit FAQ Pro is an ASP FAQ knowledge base script for your website. It will auto email when a visitor suggests a question, and also when you publish a response. It has unlimited categories, powerful search capabilities, and any level of sub categories. Change each FAQ quickly between hidden and published so that your visitors will only see the FAQ if approved by the administrator. The control panel allows new categories and questions to be added, ammended, and deleted. Comes with Access 2000 database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripts.

  • Cost: $20.00
  • Platforms: Windows

Fixit FAQ

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The Fixit FAQ system has been designed to be simple to isntall, and simple to use. Easily create and maintain FAQs about your services and business. Capture what your web visitors want to know, and provide quick, 24x7 access to the key information that could secure your next client. Reduce valuable time and cost spent replying to common queries. Capture information your visitors are looking for and quickly build a library of useful FAQs. Comes with Access 2000 database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripst. Written in 100% ASP/VBScript.

  • Cost: $14.00
  • Platforms: Windows

Fixit Knowledge Base

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Full and complete knowledge management system, providing all the features a service desk needs to ensure consistent, approved solutions. Use it to provide training for new staff to ensure they get the same information time and time again, or use it as a pre-sales tool, and more. Features include: Powerful natural language search engine, diagnostical approach, voting and comments option, audit history, whiteboard, quicklinks, user administration, matching words and statements, browse solutions, and full WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

  • Cost: $82.00
General : Search Engines


A Web site promotion resource for businesses in the travel industry featuring free and paid services. Free services include a credit to join their pay-per-click search engine, your own member page to manage your CT account, links to search engines, promotion tools and FAQ's. Some of the promotion tools include loading time, meta tags, manual submit, travel directories, and webmaster resources. Paid promotion services include hand tooled meta tag optimization, manual submissions to domestic and international search engines and monthly reports.

  • Cost: Free/$19.95+
PHP : Scripts and Programs : Guestbooks

DB Guestbook

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DB Guestbook is a flat file PHP guestbook script that has a layout that is easy to modify. Smilies are available for users to include in their messages. An admin section is available for an owner to install the data files, clear the guestbook, edit the data file, check for updates, and check data file stats. The secure admin control panel puts you in control of your guestbook. You are able to modify the layout of the guestbook using HTML. The script records the time the entry was made, has an name field, email field, and message field.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Linux