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Visit offers site-owners the tools to: Manage ad inventory online from anywhere anytime; Rotate & deliver ads on your websites; Track real-time ad performance; Monitor detailed visitor information. The system includes: Detailed reports on ad performance and visitors; Intuitive graphical tools to manage and serve ads. Features: ad targeting, detailed tracking system, advertisers (SubAccts), multiple ad sizes, multiple ad types, multiple ads, multiple groups, ad weighting system, auto-refresh, daily email stats, productivity, and quotas.

  • Cost: Free/$9.95+
  • Version: 5.6
  • Platforms: All

Pik Counters

Visit Pik Counters

Pik Counters is a free counter/tracker service. There are over 30 styles to choose from and you can change all the colors of your counters so that they look exactly like your site. You can also choose the size of your counter and what your counter displays to your visitors. Display how many visitors are currently on your website; Display how many visistors visited your site today; Display the total amount of hits your site received; Delete, reset, edit stats; Visitors classified by the browser they use, or operating system; Top 100 referrers.

  • Cost: Free

Website Traffic Tracking

Visit Website Traffic Tracking

Get comprehensive information about your website's visitors. Information includes: How many visits you have every day, month, year, and all time; How many page views your website has by day, month, and year; Where they come from; What pages are they viewing; What keyword have they used to find you; What websites are referring visitors to you; What search engines are finding you, and how many times each day, and with what keywords; Reports how many pages per session each visitor has to give you an idea if you have the right audience.

  • Cost: Free