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ASP tutorials, resources software and articles for the beginner to intermediate ASP developer. Codefixer is aimed primarily at the beginner to intermediate ASP developer though there are many articles, tutorials and resources for the more advanced. Topics include: Getting started with the basics of ASP; General ASP articles, Advanced ASP, and incorporating databases into your website with ASP with and without a DSN. Specifics include: delimiters, string manipulation, conditionals, select case, hidden form values, and SQL tutorial.

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CGI Programming FAQ

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This document contains numerous frequently asked questions regarding CGI. Specific questions addressed include: What is CGI? When do I need to use CGI? Should I use CGI or JAVA?; Do I need to be on Unix? Do I have to use Perl? Do I have to put it in a cgi-bin? What is CGIWrap, and how does it affect my program? How do I decode the data in my form? What HTTP request headers can I use? What is NPH? What is the difference between GET and POST? How can I get the hostname of the remote user? Can I password protect my pages? Why do I get Error 500?

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KnowledgeBuilder is a professional knowledge base / FAQ solution for commercial and personal use. KnowledgeBuilder provides you with all of the standard features along with many unique and professional features. Some of KnowledgeBuilder's key features include: Unlimited Categories/levels, Unlimited Articles, customizable design, article rating, comment on articles, automatically finds related articles, full text search, Multiple Admin Users, Visual Text Editor, utilities, simple setup in under 5 minutes, and much more.

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Suffering from Buffering?

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My log file has nothing in it. My output is coming out in the wrong order. When my program terminates abnormally, the output is incomplete. My web server says I didn't send the right headers, but I'm sure I did. I'm trying to send data over the network, but nothing is sent. If this is you, I'm afraid you're probably a victim of buffering. For efficiency, Perl uses a trick called buffering to reduce the amount of system resources it uses. This article will teach you how to get around buffering by flushing or disabling buffering all together.

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Coping with Scoping

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In the Beginning every part of your program had access to all the variables in every other part of the program. That turned out to be a problem, so language designers invented local variables, which were visible in only a small part of the program. This article discusses the difference between package variables and lexical variables. Topics include: global variables, lexical variables, local declaration, my declaration, my variable, package declaration, package qualifier, package variable, private variable, scope, use strict vars, and use vars.

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Introduction to Perl

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This course presumes participants have elementary programming experience in a procedural programming language such as C, Pascal, or Basic; and access to a system with Perl 4 or Perl 5 installed. Topics include: What Is Perl?; Perl References & Resources; State of Perl; Taste of Perl; Storing & Running Perl Programs; The Elements; Literals & Operators; Loops and I/O; Grade Book Example; Pipe I/O and System Calls; Matching; Parsing; Simple CGI; Testing Perl Programs; Common Goofs. Perl is a "Practical Extraction and Report Language".

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Beginner's Guide to CGI

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This page is designed to help novice programmers learn the Perl programming language. Specifically, it's designed to help them learn enough to run CGI scripts on a Unix Web server. Assumptions are made that: You're reasonably intelligent; You're an experienced computer user, of the Windows (or possibly Mac) persuasion; You know, or are willing to learn elsewhere, the basics of HTML, including things like FORM and TABLE tags; an Internet account that lets you log into a Unix shell session.

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CGI for the Non-Programmer

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This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating CGIs with Perl on a Unix platform. Unlike other tutorials, this does not assume you know anything about CGIs, Perl, or Unix. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create Perl programs for counting hits, storing and retrieving guestbook information, and processing secure passwords. You will also gain an understanding of how the Perl programming language works, and you will learn to use variables, IF statements, and loops in Perl.

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Perl FAQs

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The most frequently asked questions about Perl. This site breaks the FAQ's down into broad categories including: Data Manipulation (manipulating numbers, dates, strings, arrays, hashes, and miscellaneous data issues); Files and Formats (I/O and the "f" issues: filehandles, flushing, formats and footers); General Perl Language Issues; General Questions About Perl; Networking; Obtaining and Learning About Perl; Programming Tools; Regular Expressions (Pattern matching and regular expressions); System Interaction.

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Perl in 20 pages

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A guide to Perl 5 for C/C++, awk, and shell programmers. Topics include: Perl versions; Obtaining Perl binaries, documentation; Command line usage; A prototype Perl script; Control constructs; Variables including scalar types, string or number, null string, operators, lists, arrays, hashes, variable declaration, barewords; Calling functions; Defining functions; Returning values; Optional parameters; Regular expressions; Command line arguments; File I/O; Running external commands; References; Packages, modules, records, and objects in Perl.

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CPS Product Services

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CPS Product Services is an online network of Visual Basic and Visual C++ OCX Controls and Development Software. Visit by over 4,000 programmers and IT professionals each month, when you sign up for Product Services, your products will instantly be noticed. And, for 75% less than established internet banner advertising. CPS Product Services also comes with a few additional perks, including the flexibility to add infinite number of products for no extra charge. Your subscription will grow with your business.

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