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Layer Menu Uses External Page

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This menu technique is ideal if you have a number of pages on your website, and may need to frequently change the menu items on all or many of the pages. Using an iframe within a floating layer, the menu items are contained in a single external HTML page. Insert the layer code once into each page; then when you must change the menu items, you change only a single external HTML page. These changes are then instantly reflected in every page on your site. No server-side scripting is needed; the script requires only knowledge of basic html editing.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: All
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SD Guestbook Service

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Fast setup time, private messages, editing and deletion of posts, limit postings per-page, five different languages to choose from, show/hide IP addresses, enable/disable HTML code, enable/disable emoticons, enable/disable special codes, built-in ICQ and AIM instant messaging, gender field, enable/disable picture uploads (including size limit and dimensions), email notification options for both the guestbook owner and visitors (including custom messages), guestbook style editing, optional password-protected comments and more.

  • Cost: $5.00/mo