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Displays a collection of images in a random layout and angle. The viewer can rearrange the layout by clicking and dragging the images or by pressing the optional reshuffle button. Large images can also have mouse over titles and descriptions. Built-in easing effects and skinnable image holders. This component is available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3) only. Features include: Images can be added through the component inspector or XML; Option for description and title for each image with built in slider from top or bottom; Options for easing: Bounce, elastic, bounce, regular, strong; Option to display images at a random angle or normal view; Draggable thumbnails and large images; Skinnable holder for thumbnails and title/description fields; Optional to display skinnable previous and next arrows; Customizable drop shadow and image padding; Built in skinnable preloader for thumbnails and main content; Built-in reshuffle option.

  • Cost: $39.95
  • Platforms: All


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A thumbnail based navigational system or a portfolio/photo gallery in a grid or pyramid style layout. The thumbnail content is clickable and zooms in to display the selected full size content while the other thumbnails are pushed aside. Content can be external images, animated SWFs or movie clips. Content can be added or changed directly in the Component Inspector, through ActionScript or using an external XML file. Available for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0. Features include: Display thumbnails of images, SWFs or movie clips in a grid or pyramid like layout; Built-in blur effect for smooth transitions from low res to high res content; Layout options: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right; Number of columns and rows can be manually or automatically set when using the grid layout; Content, menu items and settings may be defined through XML, Component Inspector or ActionScript; Automatically resizes thumbnails and content.

  • Cost: $44.95
  • Platforms: All

Advanced Loader

Visit Advanced Loader

This is the PRO version of their advancedLoader component. Easily create slideshows without the need for ActionScript. Build slideshows with component parameters, XML or dynamically generate them from the contents of a web folder. Over forty customizable effects provide a variety of transition options. The ideal solution for loading sequential images in Flash. Features include: Load external, library images or SWF files without any coding; Easily create slideshows; More than forty different effects; Customizable effect behaviour; Define slideshow with XML; Use the Autofeeder option to create dynamically generated slideshows from all the files in a folder; Add a different caption to each image; Set links for each image All valid Flash image file formats supported; Built-in customizable preloader for external files; Mouse interaction with effects; Automatic image scaling options; Automatically load Flickr RSS image feeds; Full API.

  • Cost: $44.95
  • Platforms: All


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EzFormPRO provides you with a quick and easy solution for creating and submitting forms in Flash without having to hassle with coding and scripting. Simply create your form using the regular Macromedia UI form components or EzForm's light weight Bit Components, drag and drop the ezForm component onto the stage and set the parameters. Get form results in a either a text or HTML formatted email. Features include: Set parameters without editing code; E-mail and URL Validation; Required field; Flash component, ezForm; Choice of e-mail styles; Choose between 3 layout styles for the form response emails; Set e-mail line spacing; Auto Thank-you message; ActionScript reference included; Only 5KB; Drag and drop; Define e-mail text colors, fonts, style and sizes. Easily set all the parameters, such as form recipient email, subject, required fields, etc by entering the values in the component parameters panel without touching any scripts.

  • Cost: $34.95
  • Platforms: All


Visit FlipNavigation

Create and deploy entire Flash websites, widgets, banners or slideshows with flip transitions, using images, SWFs and movieclips, with no coding. Flip effects include easing, bounce and blur. The menu and button components (provided) allow you to easily flip through the pages of your site. Includes built-in preloader. Available for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0. Features include: Content can be external images, SWFs or library symbols; Define content and menu items through XML, Component Inspector or ActionScript; Content can be flipped horizontally, vertically or randomly; Flip transition effects: easing, bounce and blur; Mouse over effects: zoom or bounce; Customizable speed, friction and effect intensity; Built-in preloader (preload all content or load on demand); Resize options for content: scale to fit, scale to fill or original size; Alignment options: top, center, bottom, left, right; Flip to content using skinnable menu or buttons.

  • Cost: $49.95
  • Platforms: All
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Visit VldPersonals

VldPersonals is a fully automated online dating and social networking software solution. vldPersonals enables you to create a fully functioning, automated dating website with many of the advanced features found on other dating sites. Members can create profiles, send and receive emails, upload pictures, videos and music, search for other members, chat, and add friends. Other features include: search engine friendly; completely customizable skins; pictures, video, music; editable profile fields; instant messenger; blogs and guestbooks; event manager; zip code search; rating system; reporting system; forum integration; billing system; and multiple languages. vldPersonals is fully scalable to fit the needs of both large and small website communities. Some of their clients have memberships exceeding one hundred thousand members. If growth and reliability are important concerns for your dating site, vldPersonals is the right choice for you.

  • Cost: $99.95 - $199.95
  • Version: 2.3.1
  • Platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows