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Nitobi Tabstrip

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Nitobi Tabstrip is an Ajax-powered tab-strip component with native support for other Nitobi components, client-side statefulness, and skinnability. Features: ajax architecture; cross-platform support; cross-browser support; standards based; multi-mode operation; fully skinnable; fade transitions; compliant keyboard support; native statefullness; nitobi component aware; custom tabs; multiple themes per page; standards mode compliant to support both quirks mode and standards mode. Pages of content can be requested using Ajax requests. No postbacks are ever required, but Tabstrip can also be bound to iFrame URL's if needed, or used as traditional page navigation. XML and CSS are the basis of tab architecture, making it easy to customize and extend. Available with native support for Java, PHP and Classic ASP, and Coldfusion.

  • Cost: $199.00
  • Platforms: All