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Acuity CMS

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Advanced, easy to use CMS with WYSIWYG. Acuity CMS is an easy to use content management system that offers a rich set of features. Advanced WYSIWYG editing (using Acuity Visual Editor), advanced code cleaning, menu management, integrated search, color handling for text, backgrounds, tables, and other elements. A site-wide file management tool is provided with full functionality for both files and directories (upload, delete, move, rename). Although targeted at small to medium business, Acuity CMS can run very large and interactive websites.

  • Cost: $99.95
C and C++ : Development Software

Windows API Hooking SDK

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Windows API Hook SDK can be used in hooking Windows APIs or functions in other Dlls, and replace the API function or Dlls' functions to your own function. You can create functions which: hide process from task manager; crypt socket data; filter network packet and port; filter message of windows or application; hide directories and files from windows explorer. By using API Hook SDK, you can do many many things, such as: monitor and control programs; monitor file access; monitor registry access; monitor network; hide directory and files.

  • Cost: Trial/$198.00
  • Version: 2.13
  • Platforms: Windows
Java : Applets : Search Engines

Advanced Web Ranking

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Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that will help you check your web site position on all major search engines. It saves you hours of tedious work while monitoring your web site's search engine position. Advanced Web Ranking generates tabular and graphical reports that will help you check not just the position of your website but the position of your competitors' web sites as well. Exports reports as PDF, HTML, Excel, XML or Text files, and emails them to you and your customers. Schedule updates and reports any time you want, any day you want.

  • Cost: $49.00
  • Version: 2.5
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX
PHP : Programmers

Smart Eldev Solutions

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Eldev LLC offers affordable offshore web-development, custom programming services (PHP/Perl/ASP/MySQL/PostgeSQL), web-promotion (including SEO-Search Engine Optimization), complete e-commerce solutions, such as e-currency shopping carts, security scripts, PGP-related software products, web-promotion software. They provide dynamic ecommerce internet solutions for online custom sales, database front-ends & customer services, Egold Auctions and Internet-shops that accept e-gold, Digital Gold Currencies, E-Currencies, along with Online Cheques.

  • Cost: $7.00/hr - $100.00/hr