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Nitobi ComboBox

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Featuring an extensive and flexible set of configuration options, Nitobi ComboBox V3 is the ultimate enterprise-grade autocomplete solution. ComboBox can be used to perform 'Starts-with', 'Contains', 'Ends-with', or even 'Fuzzy' (search algorithm up-to-you) searching with ease. It can mimic popular forms of web-based and desktop autocompletion in one JavaScript package. Features six unique search modes: filter, smartlist, compact, classic, unbound, and smartsearch. Also features: display multiple columns of data from a table; xml-bases data architecture, internationalization and accessibility, image support, scalable, keyboard navigation, optional integrated menu bar, extendible, ajax architecture, cross-platfrom support, and cross-browser support.

  • Cost: $249.00
  • Version: 3.0
  • Platforms: All
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Nitobi Tree

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Nitobi Tree is a dynamic tree component with Ajax drill-down, unbound mode, client-side statefulness, skinnability, and data-driven sidebar. Features: ajax architecture; cross-platform support; cross-browser support; xml-driven; data driven side panel; native statefulness; expand / collapse transition; compliant keyboard support; multi-mode operation; fully skinnable; rich javascript api; declarative interface; checkbox multi-selection; and standards mode compliant. XML is the core of the tree architecture. Supply arbitrary amounts of meta data for every node, which can be accessed using the JavaScript Object Model. Bind to static XML data islands, or construct them in pieces using XMLHttp Ajax requests. No postbacks are ever required. Tree depth can be arbitrarily large, and new nodes are loaded dynamically using a lightweight Ajax architecture.

  • Cost: $399.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All