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.NET Framework Overview

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While .NET may not be the best solution for everyone (you may prefer to run a Java and Unix solution), it's definitely not vaporware; it's here to stay. But how far will it go? In a worst-case scenario, it will never make it beyond the realm of Windows. The best-case scenario: We'll finally have a viable development platform alternative to JVM. This article explores the pros using Microsoft's .NET platform such as a rich set of libraries and multiple language support, and cons such as not being cross platform and no standardization.

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Top 10 ASP Tips

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Our focus has always been on assisting the new ASP programmer in mastering the techniques that the pros use all the time. Thus, to help you wade through the list of tips and tricks on our site, we present you with a "Top 10 List" of what we consider to be our best. The top ten tips include: Logging File Download; What's the deal with DLL?; Verifying Files in ASP; Beating the Cookie Monster; Quibbling with quotes in SQL queries; Stringing dates along to the database; Formatting numbers; Database Searches; Recordsets; Moving past ODBC or DSN.

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ASP Message Board

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An active server pages forum (ASP forum) which is broken down into the following categories: ASP questions and answers; ASP.NET Forum; Database (ADO/SQL/Access) Questions and Answers; Advanced ASP Questions and Answers; Regular Expressions Questions and Answers; HTML Questions and Answers; ASP Components Discussion; ASP Performance Issues; IIS/PWS Questions and Answers; JScript Questions and Answers; Moderated ASP Jobs Forum; COM/COM+ Forum; XML Forum, C# Forum, and Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days forum.

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