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Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET

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Consider the perceived risks of migrations that tend to cloud the benefits of new technologies from a business perspective, making it difficult to justify technology migrations to the decision makers in an enterprise. See how these risks can be identified, planned for ahead of time and evaluated against cost, time to market, and other business factors so that the project planner can have a solid handle on the bottom line of a project. See examples from a real-world commercial application. Written to be viewed with Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Cost: Free
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Real Estate Ready

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Many companies find keeping their website up to date a time consuming and expensive task. Often an external company is hired to perform updates, which is neither time nor cost efficient. Real Estate Ready is a feature rich online listings management solution. Their software enables even the most novice computer user to update their web site in an environment similar to Microsoft Word. Their software enables non-technical staff to easily create, edit, manage, and publish various types of content such as text and graphics, to the internet.

  • Cost: $299.00
  • Version: 2.2
  • Platforms: Win NT/2000/XP, Linux
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Prozilla Turnkey Websites

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Prozilla is a provider of custom made professional turnkey websites. They are a leader in PHP developed ebusinesses with over 550 websites consiting of 40+ businesses available from their members area. The site includes: Awesome money making businesses; Basic setup to more advanced eBusiness sites; User friendly interface; Templates/Banners/Extras; PHP installed versions for beginners; HTML versions for advanced users; Internet Marketing Resources; 24/7 access to their knowledge base; Keep all profits running your websites.

  • Cost: $59.00 - $199.00
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WSN FormEmail

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WSN FormEmail is a simple PHP form-to-email processor. Submit an HTML form to the script, and the contents of it will be emailed to you. This is useful for all types of contact forms and information collection. Takes any form submitted to it, and sends an email to you containing all values of all fields in the form. Handles any number of fields automatically. Features include: Fully customizable; Protect yourself from spam; Determine where the visitor is sent after filling out the form; Unbranded.

  • Cost: $1.00
  • Version: 1.00
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WSN Links

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WSN Links is a PHP/MySQL link portal and link management script. Designed with flexibility in mind, it can be put to many different uses. Fully templated, translatable links portal script with unlimited custom fields, member system, usergroup system, reciprocal link checking, et cetera. Features also include: Unlimited levels of subcategories; Visitors can rate each link; Visitors can report a link, email a link, or comment on a link; Visitors may attach a file, if you choose to allow it; Registration options; Advanced usergroup permissions.

  • Cost: Free/$20.00
  • Version: 2.42