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This software is great for automotive dealerships or web entrepreneurs looking to setup an auto classifieds directory for their area. You can easily toggle between a public and a private listings directory; this means, you can allow your visitors to add their own listings, or if you have your very own dealership, you can disable that option and only your exclusive vehicle listings. PhpAutos is loaded with customization options, (though they include a default list of settings for those who want to get up and running without taking the time to customize). Customization features include: Custom categories (supporting unlimited subcategory depth); Custom makes and model editor; Custom body style editor; Custom engine types editor; Custom transmission types editor; Custom fuel types editor; Custom drive types editor. Also includes Ecommerce Features such as Paypal's IPN technology, directory features with mod_rewrite support, and more.

  • Cost: $44.41
  • Version: 1.0