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ActiveSocket Network Communication SDK

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With ActiveSocket you can communicate across TCP/IP networks, including the Internet. ActiveSocket provides an easy-to-use scripting interface for TCP/IP communications. By using ActiveSocket, you can very easily create or enhance applications with network features. Use ActiveSocket to integrate the following IP protocols in your application or script: Icmp object; HTTP object, HTTPS object; Ntp object; RSh object; Snmp object (SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 (Get, GetNext, Set)); SnmpTrapOut and SnmpTrapIn object; Socket object; Wake-On-LAN object. Features: SNMP Trap sending and receiving (SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c), TCP client/server, UDP datagrams all based on WinSock. ActiveSocket is a COM-component, which can be used in Windows environments.

  • Cost: $149.00+
  • Version: 2.4