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Clicks Counter Pro

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Clicks Counter Pro is the most powerful tool for your site statistic. It can track hits using tracking code or tracking link upon your choice. No traffic limitations. The script supports data sorting; friendly links names; links categories; password protected access to admin area; automatic and manual links submission; supports export of your reports to CSV format using the determination symbol of your choice; complete referrers tracking for separate links and link categories; daily, weekly, monthly or annually statistic of your visitors.

  • Cost: $24.00
  • Version: 4.0
  • Platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows
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Form Processor Pro

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Email Form Processor Pro is powerful but easy-to-use script for processing forms on your website available in PHP, Perl and ASP versions. It is easy to install and to customize. One script can handle any amount of any sophisticated forms. You have full layout and design control. The script is featured with auto responder, preview and thank you page, supports attachments, mathematical calculations, if condition, variable field validations, html emails, database data storing, dependency form and results, SendMail and SMTP email sending.

  • Cost: $29.00
  • Version: 4.1
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Linux