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Flashloaded offers innovative and affordable products to enhance your Adobe/Macromedia Flash projects. Their products are easy to use, add exciting new features to your web sites and save you time. They're also backed by the best support in the industry. Flash components include CMS, menus, navigation, sound and video, 3D, charts, and other various products. Specific flash components include: flash text editors, bounce menus, drop menus, iconbar menus, scroll menus, text menus, zoom menus, 360 pan viewers, advanced tree, blog scroller, flash tickers, flash tooltips, page flippers, thumbnailers, flv players, sound players, advanded loaders, flash banner rotators, bit component sets, dnd list, forms, flash timers, image loaders, mdi containers, flash rss readers, speed controllers, xml calendars, 3d planes, bar charts, flash charts, line charts, pie charts, and stacked percent charts.

  • Cost: Varies
  • Platforms: All


Visit FCMSPro

This pro version of their fCMS component is a full Flash Content Management System which allows you to design, edit and update your web pages without ever leaving your browser window. The exciting new template based system allows you to add and delete pages dynamically. The content of your Flash site is also fully indexable and searchable by search engines. Using the advanced backend templating system, you can also create dynamically generated RSS feeds of the content of your Flash website. Features include: Each page of your Flash website can be spidered and indexed by search engines; Search capabilities for your Flash sites; Templating system can be used to create base pages for different sections of your site; Automatically creates an index or table of contents; Direct updating of content as well as adding/deleting pages on a live Flash website; No client training require; As easy to use as a word processor; Automatic thumbnails.

  • Cost: $299.00
  • Platforms: All


Visit PageFlipper

Engage your users with truly intuitive browsing experiences with the pageFlipper, a Flash component that enables magazine style flipping of pages. Sensational when used for company brochures, family photo albums or editorial style content. With realistic page turning effects introduce an enhanced sense of interaction to your users. Key features: Click and drag mouse interaction; Use Movieclips, external images or SWFs for pages; Add pages using XML, Actionscript or the Component Inspector panel; Load pages immediately or on demand; Add sound effects to page flips; Customizable look and feel; Custom background; Option to automatically scale pages to fit; Automated customizable page numbering; Built-in preloader; Only 11kb. Allows you to load external content as soon as the component appears on the stage or only when required, reducing load times and bandwidth usage. Most aspects of the component are fully controllable with actionscript.

  • Cost: $34.95