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Easy Desktop Keeper

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Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver. Easy Desktop Keeper lets you save, restore, manage and lock desktop layout that includes files and folders located on the desktop, placement of desktop icons, desired wallpaper and screen saver. If you choose to lock desktop layout, every time you reboot your PC, the program will restore desktop icons and bring them back to their original positions as well as return the old wallpaper and the screen saver to the background.

  • Cost: $34.00
  • Platforms: Windows
JavaScript : Scripts and Programs : Development Tools

Syntropy JCE Pro

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With this tool you will be able to keep your javascript source from prying eyes. Powerful javascript scrambler / javascript obfuscator. It is a professional command line obfuscation tool witch makes it possible with a configuration file to obfuscate several files at once. This makes the tool ideal for integration with various buildtools. Line feeds removal; Comments removal; Multiple file obfuscation; Recursive directory obfuscation; Multiple platform execution; Possible to run as Ant task; Exclusion of identifiers; Generation of reports.

  • Cost: $39.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All