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The photoFlow Flash component displays multiple images with a stack effect, perspective and reflection. The images can be flipped by clicking on a specific image in the stack, using the supplied skinnable scrollbar, or scrolling the mousewheel. Images can be added or changed directly in the Component Inspector, through ActionScript or using an external XML file. Easily update images using the Component Inspector, ActionScript or an XML file. Adjustable flip speed, spacing between stacked images and image size; Customizable perspective view and reflections; Option to flip images as a slideshow; Add links/hyperlinks to each image; ActionScript events to perform an action when an image has loaded, is selected, etc; Images can be external or included in the library Mouse wheel image flipping (Windows only); Optionally display a name for each image; Option to set the number of images to preload; Option to automatically scale images.

  • Cost: $59.95
  • Platforms: All
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  • Cost: Varies