A1 JavaScript Resources

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A1 JavaScript Resources features a large amount of high quality free javascripts, also a dhtml section, tutorials, forum and online tools. It exhibits full working examples of each script, is a high traffic site, well presented and updated regularly.

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DHTML Nirvana

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DHTML Nirvana is a DHTML resource site provided by Eddie Traversa. It features free Javascripts, DHTML Tutorials, CSS Tutorials as well as some Macromedia Fireworks Tutorials. DHTML Nirvana, focuses upon the current Web Standards, such as the W3 Document Object Model and SVG and utilizes XHTML. DHTML Nirvana, uses state of the art DHTML with very low code weight and works in all standards based browsers. Netscape 7, IE5, Opera 7, and Mozilla. The site does not support Netscape 4 or browsers incapable of rendering DHTML.

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Dynamic Drive

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Free, original DHTML scripts and components for your website. Categories include menus & navigation systems, document effects, scrollers, image effects, links & buttons, dynamic clocks & dates, image slideshows, dynamic content, mouseover images, mouse trail effects, form effects, text animations, browser window, dhtml games, user / system preferences, and dhtml books. Each listing of a script is prepared so that you can copy and paste the code right from their website. It also gives instructions on how to use each JavaScript snippet.

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Interactive DHTML

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Interactive DHTML Art Demos are computer generated visual animations, JavaScript interactive experimentations, source-code demos and other advanced visual effects written in JavaScript, VML, and Direct Animation. The scripts are OutlookExpress compatible, therefore may be used to animate e-mail, create mail-art and stationery. An 'open source' button is available for you to copy-n-paste and play with the scripts. The website organizes the DHTML scripts into categories from 2D, 3D, VML, Images, DA, and text.

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  • Platforms: IE5.5+

JavaScript Kit

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Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and many free scripts. Script categories include JavaScript clocks, JavaScript calendars, JavaScript timers, JavaScript scrollers, JavaScript menus, JavaScript forms, JavaScript email validation, JavaScript quizzes, JavaScript math, JavaScript text effects and JavaScript links. Also features tutorials on DHTML, CSS, and general web design. Sections on the site include: Free JavaScripts; JavaScript tutorials; Free Java Applets; Advanced JavaScript Tutorials; DHTML/CSS Tutorials; Web building tutorials.

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Master JavaScript Training

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Accelebrate's Master JavaScript training class teaches attendees the skills they need to successfully develop more interactive Web applications using JavaScript. The class teaches audiences ranging from new JavaScript developers to experienced programmers how to successfully write JavaScript scripts. The class can be taught using Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, FrontPage, HomeSIte, or other development tools. The class is taught exclusively on-site for groups of 3-15 attendees at client sites worldwide.

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My JavaScript Notepad

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My JavaScript Notepad is a place where you will find a javascript reference, FAQ and general disscusion on other web related application development. The philosophy behind the site to to create a scrapbook of all different aspects of javascript and collection of clean and well practiced examples. There is also a newsgroup section to the site where you will find solutions and suggestions in response to posts people have made on the comp.lang.javascript newsgroup. The reference section has all Method, Objects, Properties and Events of the Document Object Model listed, for you to browse or search.

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