JavaScript Tips and Tricks

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A small collection of popular simple tips and tricks to be used in JavaScript. Examples include: Keep background fixed when pages scrolls; Call more than one function from an event; Make window pop under; Set window size; Set window position; Make window come to front; Stop window from losting focus; Scroll to top of page with JavaScript link; Bring window to front periodically; Prevent page being captured in frameset; Redirect page with or without JavaScript; Reload page at given time interval; Put scrollbar on left side instead of right.

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AJAX Training

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Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is one of the most exciting new techniques to hit website development in years. It's considered the successor to DHTML and has come to include countless techniques for using JavaScript creatively - from keystroke events to mouse movement detection, remote data retrieval and web page use, and other techniques that make web pages perform more like a desktop application. All web designers and developers should understand at least the core Ajax fundamentals. In this training, students learn how to effectively use JavaScript programming to download XML data from the server. They also learn best practice strategies for manipulating data asynchronously while users interact with various, active web pages. This comprehensive class is taught by experienced and attentive instructors. See site for interactive AJAX samples of what students will learn in the course.

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Beginner Javascript Tutorial

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Aimed at new javascript programmers who have yet to write their first script. Topics covered include: functions, placing your javascript, commonly used functions (prompt, alert, window popup). It is recommended that you have at least some experience in HTML before doing this tutorial, as it will make many of the examples easier to understand. If you already have a solid understanding of programming and its basics, then this tutorial is probably too easy for you. The tutorial ends with an advanced lesson on basic form validation.

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Interactive Forms with Javascript

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One of the most important aspects of web design is getting information from the viewer to the webmaster. This is where HTML forms are used. Almost every site on the web has a type of form somewhere. They are easy enough to create when they are simple, like search boxes. But what if you need them to be complex. How about changing the forms based on input by the viewer. This is where interactive forms using Javascript and HTML can help. In this tutorial, you will learn how to show and hide forms depending on user input.

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JavaScript Training Classes

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Introduction to JavaScript covers the basics of using JavaScript to make web sites more dynamic and functional. Topics covered include form validation, opening new windows, and image rollovers. The training class targets Web designers and developers who are familiar with HTML. Advanced JavaScript covers advanced techniques such as using regular expressions for more advanced form validation, setting and reading cookies, creating objects, and some basic Dynamic HTML techniques. The training class assumes a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

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W3Schools JavaScript Tutorial

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In this JavaScript tutorial you will learn how to write JavaScripts and insert them into your HTML documents, and how to make your pages more dynamic and interactive. Topics include: JavaScript introduction, JavaScript How To, JavaScript Where To, JavaScript variables, JavaScript operators, JavaScript functions, JavaScript conditional, JavaScript looping, JavaScript guidelines, JavaScript references, JavaScript string object, JavaScript array object, JavaScript date object, JavaScript math object, JavaScript window object, JavaScript quiz.

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Weborum JavaScript Tutorials

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Javascript is a client side technology that allows webmasters to add many functional and "cool" features to websites. Weborum's JavaScript tutorials is a growing knowledgebase frequented by many advanced programmers available to also answer questions on implementing a particular script in the archive. Popular scripts include simple display time and date on a page, popup control, the amazing earthquake script which causes a user's browser to literally shake, hexidecimal colour chart, back button history, pop-up script, set page as homepage.

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