Advanced Gallery Script

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This robust gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. Display images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner. Set the script to automatically cycle through the contents like in a scroller, or via manual selecting. Furthermore, inputting the contents is a breeze-simply wrap desired blocks of HTML in a special DIV tag, and they are automatically added to the gallery. It doesn't get easier than this. This script works in IE5, NS6, Opera7 and above, degrading well with the rest.

  • Cost: Free

Image Thumbnail Viewer

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Prior to DHTML, viewing the images behind the thumbnails meant displaying them in their own browser window which interrupts your visitor's browsing experience. This Image Thumbnail Viewer script allows you to set up text links or image thumbnails that when clicked on, loads the intended image on the screen, inline within the same page. The image can be dragged around and set to center on the page. Browsers other than IE 4 and NS 6 and above will automatically resort to the old method of displaying the images-in their own browser window.

  • Cost: Free

Image Thumbnail Viewer II

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This image script loads and displays a larger image inline on the page when a thumbnail is clicked on. The larger image can be set to display anywhere on the page as desired. Good for letting visitors preview from many images then select the one of his choice to view all on the same page. Features include optional fade-wipe effect (applied during each image change), ability to toggle preload image on and off, set image border and link target for each larger image shown, define multiple regions for different images to be displayed in.

  • Cost: Free

JAIPHO - iPhone optimized gallery

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JAIPHO is iPhone optimized javascript image gallery component. The look and feel is inspired by original iPhone Photos application. With JAIPHO, your website gallery enhanced with "native" iPhone support. It is suitable to be installed on both mobile and standard websites which have any kind of images galleries. Here is a short features and advantages list:-Full iPhone optimized experience including images sliding effect and finger gestures-Both, thumbnails and full screen modes-Language independent. It is written in Javascript. You can use it with php, jsp, asp,. Published under LGPL. You can use it for free even on commercial sites.

  • Cost: Free, LGPL
  • Version: Beta
  • Platforms: All

MultiFrame slide show

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One inherent limitation of most slideshow scripts is that they can only display one image at a time, making it cumbersome for your visitors to go through them in cases where there's a long list of images to show. This unique image slide show can rotate and display multiple images at once, instead of just one. Specify exactly the number of images to display at once, and whether to horizontally or vertically position the slideshow. This script works in IE5+, NS6+, and Opera 7+.

  • Cost: Free

TN3 Gallery

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TN3 Gallery is a powerful and customizable jQuery image gallery and slideshow. Powered by jQuery, TN3 Gallery offers utmost flexibility, easy implementation, cross-browser support (including mobile browsers) and more. Some key features include: Transition Effects and Slideshow Capabilities: Plenty of transition options and styles such as fade, slide, blind, and more Fullscreen option: TN3 Gallery can be set to fullscreen to fill the available browser space Image preloading: Makes your galleries responsive API: Use the TN3 Gallery API for ultimate control over your image galleries CSS skinning: Customize the look-and-feel of your image gallery/slideshow using CSS.

  • Cost: $37.00