Active Image Resizing

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This script allows you to resize one or more images on a page by clicking and dragging on the image(s). A single left click will also reset the image to a default size. Any number of images may be used. The script allows you to set the default width and heights, and the minimum and maximum values that the widths and heights can go to.

  • Cost: Free

Advanced Slide Show

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Slide show with image captions and fader-effect image transitions. Easy, short, cross-browser cut-and-paste script presents images in a continuous slide show format with accompanying captions. Any number of images and captions can be used, and timing is adjustable. Great for JavaScript newcomers, but a solid utility script, too. The script is cross compatible from IE 4 to 6 and Netscape 4 to 7. The fade effect will only work for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape 4 shows the caption only.

  • Cost: Free

Amazing Draggable Slide Show

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This script implements a draggable slideshow that can be used much like a popup window, but without the usual focus problems popups imply. Simple controls to show or hide the slideshow are also included, and any number of images can be used. IE browsers show a cross-fade effect between images in the sequence. Compatible with NS4-7 & IE. The script allows you to adjust the speed of the slideshow and allows you to adjust the duration of the cross fade.

  • Cost: Free

Disabling MyImage Toolbar in IE6+

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IE6+ incorporates a new feature called MyImage Toolbar, which, if enabled on Tools->Internet Options, provides the user with a popup menu over images that allows the user to instantly save, print, or email any image in a page. This technical note shows how to disable or enable this feature using one of two different methods. Helps stop image theft.

  • Cost: Free

Pop-up Image Script

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Turn your images into depressible, pop-up buttons using this DHTML script. It creates the illusion of an elevated image by applying a dynamic shadow and shifting the image to the up and left. When the user holds down the mouse, the shadow is deleted, and the image shifted back to its usual position, just like a button. You may customize both the shadow length and color for each individual image in which the effect is applied to. This is an IE5.5+ only effect, with other browsers simply seeing the regular image.

  • Cost: Free

Random Image Script

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Use this script to randomly display a different image each time that the page is visited. Any number of images can be used, and set-up is very easy. An image will be chosen at random and displayed each time by the script. Remember this is a random choice, so it's possible for the same image to appear a number of times in succession. The more images you use, the less possibility of repetition there is. You can add as many images as you wish, just follow the pattern in the script.

  • Cost: Free