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CodeThatTable is an advanced JavaScript table that enables user to display in efficient and fancy way the massives of data from variety of sources including the CVS and database. Fully customizable through the CSS the tables are the definite answer to the numerous cases when structured data has to be displayed. The table comes with the sorting, searching and filtering built-in capabilities, supports standard and custom datat types. Wide browsers saupport includes the IE, NN, Opera and Mozilla browsers (various versions).

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.(x)
  • Platforms: IE5+, NN4+ ,Opera6+ ,Mozilla0.9+

Nitobi Grid

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Nitobi Grid is a high performance, cross-browser Ajax spreadsheet component for displaying and editing tabular data in a webpage. Using Nitobi Grid, users can resize columns, copy and paste data, navigate with a mouse or keyboard, perform in-place editing and scroll through huge datasets, just as if they're working with a desktop application like Excel. With minimal coding, Grid delivers slick, responsive, interactive data editing in a dynamic user-interface. Nitobi Grid is available as part of the Complete UI suite of Ajax components. Features include: Native support for JAVA, PHP, Classic ASP; Cross browser support for all modern browsers; Live-scrolling, Paging and ShowAll modes; Excel copy and paste; Remote sorting; In-place cell editing; Resizable columns; Excel-like keyboard navigation; Robust and extendable JavaScript API.

  • Cost: $429.00+
  • Version: 3
  • Platforms: All