HardCore Web Content Editor

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Cross-browser/cross-platform WYSIWYG HTML editor ideally suited to integrate on your website or in your web content management system. Users can set formatting attributes and edit formatted text, images, hyperlinks, tables, Flash animations and Java Applets. WYSIWYG, Plain and HTML editing modes and a DOM inspector allow users full control. Simple to integrate and configure with fully customisable toolbars and a JavaScript API. Apply CSS Style Sheet formatting to content with automatic extraction of available styles from style sheets.

  • Cost: $45.00
  • Version: 6.0
  • Platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix

SpreadSheet Editor

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SpreadSheet is an excel-like application. It's written in pure dhtml/javascript and works without installation of any plugins, java code etc. Paste content directly from the clipboard. For example copy a region in excel, and paste it here using the button or ctrl-v. An Excel or CVS import could be done with an attached button that opens a file upload window. Export to cvs. Bold/italic/underline (with buttons, and in ie also by hitting ctrl-b, ctrl-i, ctrl-u). Row-based ordering (ascending and descending). Inserting columns and rows.

  • Cost: Free/$60.00 - $900.00
  • Version: 4.4
  • Platforms: All

Tab Content script

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Tab Content Script is a standards compliant, 2 level content script. Click on a tab, and additional content appears beneath it while contracting any previously open content. The script uses CSS to control all of its appearance, and lets you enter plain HTML for the tab contents, making customization a breeze. Set which tab should initially be shown when the page first loads, and the color of each tab and its content can easily be changed via a custom HTML attribute. Script works in IE5 and NS6 above, degrading well with the rest.

  • Cost: free

Wysiwyg Editor

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Browser-based JavaScript wysiwyg editor, html editor and text editor. Using JavaScript and DHTML, no java or plugin needed. It's a frontend to edit data for a user with no or limited html knowledge. Features: Use the editor for browser-based wysiwyg editing of html code; And/or to edit HTML code; Or as plain text editor; Direct integration into your website using the included toolbar; Text formatting like bold/italic/underline. Select colors with the color selector. Select special characters. Inserting and edit images and links. Resize editor.

  • Cost: Free/$60.00 - $900.00
  • Version: 4.4
  • Platforms: All