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TN3 Gallery

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TN3 Gallery is a powerful and customizable jQuery image gallery and slideshow. Powered by jQuery, TN3 Gallery offers utmost flexibility, easy implementation, cross-browser support (including mobile browsers) and more. Some key features include: Transition Effects and Slideshow Capabilities: Plenty of transition options and styles such as fade, slide, blind, and more Fullscreen option: TN3 Gallery can be set to fullscreen to fill the available browser space Image preloading: Makes your galleries responsive API: Use the TN3 Gallery API for ultimate control over your image galleries CSS skinning: Customize the look-and-feel of your image gallery/slideshow using CSS.

  • Cost: $37.00
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JAIPHO - iPhone optimized gallery

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JAIPHO is iPhone optimized javascript image gallery component. The look and feel is inspired by original iPhone Photos application. With JAIPHO, your website gallery enhanced with "native" iPhone support. It is suitable to be installed on both mobile and standard websites which have any kind of images galleries. Here is a short features and advantages list:-Full iPhone optimized experience including images sliding effect and finger gestures-Both, thumbnails and full screen modes-Language independent. It is written in Javascript. You can use it with php, jsp, asp,. Published under LGPL. You can use it for free even on commercial sites.

  • Cost: Free, LGPL
  • Version: Beta
  • Platforms: All

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Nitobi Tabstrip

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Nitobi Tabstrip is an Ajax-powered tab-strip component with native support for other Nitobi components, client-side statefulness, and skinnability. Features: ajax architecture; cross-platform support; cross-browser support; standards based; multi-mode operation; fully skinnable; fade transitions; compliant keyboard support; native statefullness; nitobi component aware; custom tabs; multiple themes per page; standards mode compliant to support both quirks mode and standards mode. Pages of content can be requested using Ajax requests. No postbacks are ever required, but Tabstrip can also be bound to iFrame URL's if needed, or used as traditional page navigation. XML and CSS are the basis of tab architecture, making it easy to customize and extend. Available with native support for Java, PHP and Classic ASP, and Coldfusion.

  • Cost: $199.00
  • Platforms: All
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Nitobi ComboBox

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Featuring an extensive and flexible set of configuration options, Nitobi ComboBox V3 is the ultimate enterprise-grade autocomplete solution. ComboBox can be used to perform 'Starts-with', 'Contains', 'Ends-with', or even 'Fuzzy' (search algorithm up-to-you) searching with ease. It can mimic popular forms of web-based and desktop autocompletion in one JavaScript package. Features six unique search modes: filter, smartlist, compact, classic, unbound, and smartsearch. Also features: display multiple columns of data from a table; xml-bases data architecture, internationalization and accessibility, image support, scalable, keyboard navigation, optional integrated menu bar, extendible, ajax architecture, cross-platfrom support, and cross-browser support.

  • Cost: $249.00
  • Version: 3.0
  • Platforms: All
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Nitobi Tree

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Nitobi Tree is a dynamic tree component with Ajax drill-down, unbound mode, client-side statefulness, skinnability, and data-driven sidebar. Features: ajax architecture; cross-platform support; cross-browser support; xml-driven; data driven side panel; native statefulness; expand / collapse transition; compliant keyboard support; multi-mode operation; fully skinnable; rich javascript api; declarative interface; checkbox multi-selection; and standards mode compliant. XML is the core of the tree architecture. Supply arbitrary amounts of meta data for every node, which can be accessed using the JavaScript Object Model. Bind to static XML data islands, or construct them in pieces using XMLHttp Ajax requests. No postbacks are ever required. Tree depth can be arbitrarily large, and new nodes are loaded dynamically using a lightweight Ajax architecture.

  • Cost: $399.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All
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Nitobi Grid

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Nitobi Grid is a high performance, cross-browser Ajax spreadsheet component for displaying and editing tabular data in a webpage. Using Nitobi Grid, users can resize columns, copy and paste data, navigate with a mouse or keyboard, perform in-place editing and scroll through huge datasets, just as if they're working with a desktop application like Excel. With minimal coding, Grid delivers slick, responsive, interactive data editing in a dynamic user-interface. Nitobi Grid is available as part of the Complete UI suite of Ajax components. Features include: Native support for JAVA, PHP, Classic ASP; Cross browser support for all modern browsers; Live-scrolling, Paging and ShowAll modes; Excel copy and paste; Remote sorting; In-place cell editing; Resizable columns; Excel-like keyboard navigation; Robust and extendable JavaScript API.

  • Cost: $429.00+
  • Version: 3
  • Platforms: All
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Credit Card Validation Script

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This script checks credit card numbers and expiration dates for validity. You should note that only the format of the expiration date is checked with this script-it doesn't check whether or not the card has actually expired. This script is free to use as long as you don't change any of the comments in the JavaScript source file. If you do not enter a credit card number or expiration date that is formatted correctly it will prompt a popup dialog box that says the credit card has an incorrect number of digits, or includes characters other than numbers that are not allowed. While this script doesn't actually check if a credit card is completely valid or not, it does help limit some of the common mistakes that customers might enter into your forms.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: All
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Visit JsTree

JsTree is an open soure treeview control written in JavaScript. The script has been written for the phpXplorer system. The script is not intended to be a website menu. Due to use of the DOM the script only works in modern browsers like MSIE, Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox and Opera. Without support for dead Browsers the size of the script is only 12kb and there are no browser switches inside the code. A funny feature is that the treeview is able to define its data definition by itself.

  • Cost: GPL
  • Platforms: Browser based
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Form Field Progress Bar

Visit Form Field Progress Bar

This useful script allows you to restrict the number of characters inside a form element (ie: textarea) while displaying a progress bar on the remaining characters beneath it. A percentage of the characters remaining is displayed within the Progress Bar, updated live as the user types. Cross browser functional-works in IE4, NS6, and Opera 7 and above. The Progress Bar can easily be applied to multiple form elements within the form, each with its own independent setting. Visual aspects of the Progress Bar customizable via CSS.

  • Cost: Free
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Visit XYGraph

XYGraph was created to generate intelligent plots of output data without the need for extensive user input. Take a look at the demo page to see just how useful and proffesional the results are. The script generates an XY Graph using Vector Markup Language (VML) and returns an html string for display via javascript. The code is written to automatically calculate appropriate scaling for tics and will cut off extreme data points. XYgraph is written in Javascript, and will run on any website or intranet, online or offline. Data to be graphed on the fully customizable display may be generated from static or dynamic web content and server side programs.

  • Cost: Shareware
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All