Hands On Java Training

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Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. offers you the chance to learn Java in an instructor-led, hands-on, small class setting in any of 75 cities throughout the United States and Canada. HOTT's 5-day course goes beyond simple language syntax and includes detailed coverage of I/O, multithreading, JDBC, servlets, and JSP. Your completed Java Programming course can also be applied for college credit towards a postsecondary Certificate or Master of Science Degree. Courses focusing on Enterprise JavaBeans and Jakarta Struts are also available.

  • Cost: $2295.00

Java Online Training

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Choose from either Java 2 Programmer or Java 2 Enterprise deisgn. Topics covered include object orientation, the statements used to control program flow and exception handling, the classes and interfaces of the java.lang package and the java.util package, the development of Java-based GUI, and the methods and tools for performing sophisticated input and output operations. Aswell as enterprise software development and the J2EE model, data enabling and JDBC, enterprise communication and services, systems assurance, Web and application enabling.

  • Cost: $76.00

JSP Training and Struts Training

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Accelebrate delivers a wide array of Java courses, including JSP training, Struts training, Java training, JSTL training, JDBC training, and training on other J2SE and J2EE technologies. Courses can be taught using Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, SunONE, BEA WebLogic, and other application servers. Classes are customized for each group and are taught exclusively on-site at the client's location for groups of 3-15 attendees. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Accelebrate serves clients in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

  • Cost: Varies

NTier Training

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NTier provides Java Training, Mentoring and Consulting in Seattle, Dallas and beyond. Customized training built to leverage your teams strengths and maximize classroom time. Topics include: AJAX, Design Patterns, EJB, Hibernate, J2EE, Java, JBoss, JSF, JSP, OOAD, SCRUM, Servlets, SOA, Software Development, Spring Framework, Struts, UML, Use Cases, Web Services, WebSphere Portal, and XML. nTier has instructors that can code and teach. The trainer they put in front of your class will have real world experience. nTier customizes courses. They listen to you, assess your team's strengths and weaknesses, and then design a custom course that achieves your goals and objectives. They will help you find courseware that fits. In addition to writing their own, they have used most of the course materials available and can help you decide what's best for your group.

  • Cost: Varies

Spring Training

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This course provides students with the knowledge needed to use the Spring Framework and the Eclipse Spring IDE to develop flexible, testable and maintainable Java EE enterprise applications. This course covers v2.5 of the Spring Framework. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: Understand the need for the Spring framework; Use the tools available with the Eclipse Spring IDE; Use inversion of control to increase flexibility and testability of applications; Create testable applications and components using Spring; Understand and use aspect-oriented programming to better handle cross-cutting concerns; Integrate Spring with the Hibernate ORM framework; Declaratively and programmatically manage transactions in Spring; Use the Spring MVC web framework to develop flexible web applications; Use Spring Web Flow to create conversational web applications; Integrate Spring with the Hibernate ORM framework.

  • Cost: $2495.00

Struts Training

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This course introduces the students to Jakarta Struts 1.2. During the course, students will learn to design and develop Struts based applications. Many real life hands on exercises are used to teach various concepts of Struts. Learning Objectives: Understand and explain the Jakarta Struts framework; Design and build Struts based applications. Topics examined include: introduction to Struts, Struts project configuration, basic struts programming, basic view development, struts tags libraries, jsp expression language, standard tag library, advanced programming, struts techniques, the validator package, and tiles framework.

  • Cost: $1995.00

JSP Hosting Plans

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JSP Hosting Plans directory lists and compares companies offering JavaServer Pages hosting. The majority of the links on the site are affiliate based links, but they do offer choices based by price groups of under $10, under $20, and over $20. Each listing includes price, disk space, bandwidth allowed, whether it contains a control panel, uptime, and if it offers a guarantee. The site also includes a JSP hosting glossary, JSP articles, JSP books, and other JSP webmaster tools and resources.

  • Cost: Varies