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1945 is a classic top down arcade shooter. The fast paced game features a variety of enemies and pickups, along with many new weapons. Download the game and play offline or offer the game on your website at no charge. The game also supports a high score list for online play. (The applet requires Java 1.4 or newer). Controls for the game: Use the arrow keys to move around. During game play, the CTRL fires the weapon, SHIFT changes the weapon, and P pauses the game. Use ENTER key to select menus. Game applet is roughly 60KB plus 140KB.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0

Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor

Visit Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor

The Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor is a tool for crossword puzzle makers. Create and edit crossword puzzles with ease. You can organize clues in a database for later reuse and use built-in algorithms for automatically creating puzzles using the clue database. It can also create "swedish style" crossword puzzles where the clues are in squares of the puzzle. An algorithm for generating free-form crossword puzzles is also included. As the platform is Java based, it can run on any platform for which a Java Runtime Environment exists.

  • Cost: $38.00
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Platforms: All