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BRIBBLE is a Flash based chatbox and can be used on every website. The source code is available to install on your own server and supports up to 1000 users. BRIBBLE is easy to use and contains a php based management system allowing you to view stats/log files and add/edit operators and chatboxes. All chatboxes can have there own themes and font-sies. Features: Realtime message delivery (no html-refresh); Flash-based & animated chatbox; Sound effects; Send private messages; Avatars (male, female, operator, url, picture); Custom themes.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 1.4
  • Platforms: All



The applet is multi-channels programm which consequently allows you to have a conversation through several channels at once. The irc applet does not limit you at number of channels. It is possible due to good optimization of memory usage. Users can send and recive files by DCC. Appearance of the java applet completely customized. Webmaster can change any colors, make menues, enter limitations on usage for some fields and commands, make a language pack for any countries, set up changing from words to an images (smile to image) and more.

  • Cost: $25.00 - $300.00
  • Version:
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac