Flash Livehelp

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Add the human element to your site with Flash Livehelp to increase your customer service. In addition to the Livehelp Administrator you will receive a Flash web client(swf) which you can post on your web site and/or web auctions plus a Flash desktop client(exe) which can be distributed to customers, clients, family and friends via CD, download or email. This system allows you to chat in real time. Comes with the administrator (respond to incoming messages from your desktop), the web client, desktop client, and server scripts written in PHP.

  • Cost: $39.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows


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FlashClean is a useful program for cleaning up the history of your activities on a computer. Each time you surf on Internet or use other applications in your PC, traces of your activities linger on your hard drive and are open to any person who uses your PC. FlashClean is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your computer. With simply one click, FlashClean allows you to delete cache, delete cookies, delete history, delete typed URLs, delete index.dat from your browsers, and Window's temp folder.

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Version: 2.55
  • Platforms: Windows

Folder Password Protect

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Folder Password Protect is a software program that lets you set a password on folders of your choice. You don't have to create separate user accounts or use the NTFS file system. Password Protect Folders can protect a folder on both NTFS and FAT32 volumes. Moreover, you can protect folders on USB flash drives and network drives as well as on the hard drive. The folder can be protected simply by right-clicking on it within Windows Explorer. The folder remains protected should your PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode, DOS or another OS.

  • Cost: $39.95
  • Version: 2.7
  • Platforms: Windows

Free Directory Submission Tool

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Their free directory submission tool allows you keep track of all of the submissions you have done, including when you submitted, and what anchor text you used. They have created a list of the most powerful web directories online to help you increase your web presence and improve search engine rankings. With the changes in how Google looks at link building and web directories in general, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you keep your directory submissions as natural and as meaningful as possible. This tool does all of the hard work for you by allowing you to select your category that you want to be listed in and then it submits you to only high quality relevant resources.

  • Cost: Free

FTP Navigator

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The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted, or periodically attempt to connect with the FTP server if the pervious link was unsuccessful. Servers usually break off a connection automatically when the user is inactive for more than a specified period of time. The program includes a command that allows you to "keep connection".

  • Cost: Trial/$20.00
  • Version: 7.2
  • Platforms: Windows

G-Lock SpamCombat

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G-Lock SpamCombat is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. SpamCombat ensures the efficient and easy control under incoming emails, thus helping to save your time and money. SpamCombat takes the decision about spam at the result of passing incoming emails through its filters. HTML Validator, DNSBL filter and the Bayesian filter are used to identify spam. HTML Validator is a filter that parses the HTML part of the incoming email and checks the HTML tags.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows

GFI DownloadSecurity

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GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server enables you to assert control over what files your users download from HTTP and FTP sites. Downloaded files are content checked for viruses, malicious content and objectionable material, and can be quarantined based on file type and which user downloaded them. GFI DownloadSecurity handles the security risk of file downloads without resorting to blocking all file downloads at firewall level. Rather than blocking file downloads completely, check all downloads for harmful content.

  • Cost: $315.00
  • Version: 6
  • Platforms: WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000

GFI LANguard

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Automatically detect and fix security vulnerabilities on your network with GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner. LANNSS scans entire networks from a hacker's perspective, and analyses machines for open ports, shares, security alerts and vulnerabilities, service pack level, installed hotfixes and other NETBIOS information such as hostname, logged on user name, users etc. It does OS detection, password strength testing and detects registry issues. Detect unnecessary shares and open ports. Check for unused user accounts on workstations.

  • Cost: Trial/$295.00 - $995.00
  • Version: 3.3
  • Platforms: WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000

GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor

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LANguard Security Event Log Monitor is a network wide event log monitor that retrieves logs from all NT/2000 servers and workstations and immediately alerts the administrator of possible intrusions for immediate host based intrusion detection. Using the LANguard event viewer you can also create network wide reports and identify machines being targeted as well as local users trying to hack internal company information. LANguard S.E.L.M. is not impaired by switches, IP traffic encryption or high speed data transfer.

  • Cost: $375.00
  • Version: 5.0
  • Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, 2003

GFI MailArchiver for Exchange

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GFI MailArchiver for Exchange is an easy-to-use email archiving solution that enables you to archive all internal and external mail into a single SQL database. Now you can easily fulfill regulatory requirements (such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) AND provide users with easy, centralized access to past email via a web-based search interface. GFI MailArchiver for Exchange leverages the journaling feature of Exchange Server 2000/2003 and therefore provides scalability and reliability at a competitive cost.

  • Cost: $350.00
  • Version: 2
  • Platforms: Windows 2000/2003 Server