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PSKbd is a useful assistant tool for all Photoshop users from novice to professionals. It consists of more than 300 known Photoshop Version 7 shortcuts in a form of an easily searchable database. You can instantly locate any shortcut by typing associated keywords. Searching executed ‘on the fly' (as you type), so you rarely need to type the whole keyword for getting useful results. PSKbd shows the different types of possible actions, the keyboard shortcuts for those actions, how to access the actions with the mouse, and a description of each.

  • Cost: Free/$11.95
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows

R2V Raster to Vector Conversion Software

Visit R2V Raster to Vector Conversion Software

Vectorizer for CAD/CAM/GIS professionals, designers and illustrators. Available also as Raster to Vector SDK, ActiveX and Com Component. Converts, digitizes and refines architectural, mechanical, various technical drawings, maps, math graphs, graphics for books and journals and more from raster to vector. Digitizes math graphics. Also refines vector graphics, creates fine lines and shapes. Scanned drawings are recognized and represented in a vector format to be imported to your CAD or drawing program. Supports input from TWAIN scanners.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Version: 2.82
  • Platforms: Windows

Reciprocal Link Checker

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Verify that sites who are supposed to be linking to you really are. Manage your reciprocal links, with the unique ability to look for links throughout entire websites instead of just individual pages. Version 2.0 contains much more accurate reciprocal link detection and advanced automation options to integrate with your existing website or databse. There are many link managers and reciprocal link checker applications out there, but they all require that you know exact URL that your link is located.

  • Cost: $59.95
  • Version: 2.5
  • Platforms: Windows


Visit RegFreeze

RegFreeze is an effective tool to counteract spyware modules trying to install themselves onto your computer. With RegFreeze, you can feel safe and secure while surfing the Internet. Does your browser suddenly change the start page. Does your browser's search page sometimes lead to unwanted locations. Does something weird happen to your browser after visiting an ordinary web site. Start using RegFreeze today and solve all these problems once and for all. Most spyware changes your browser's start page or search page. RegFreeze is intended to prevent the destructive consequences of spyware. RegFreeze's primary objective is to prevent any important preferences (such as your browser's start page etc.) from being changed without your knowledge. RegFreeze detects changes in a timely manner and notifies you about them (or, if an automatic mode is enabled, processes changes automatically).

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Version: 5.5.3
  • Platforms: Windows


Visit ReportBot

ReportBot is link popularity and PageRank checker. You can also check your search engine index reports in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, All the Web, Altavista, Lycos, HotBot, MSN, Teoma etc. You can learn your site's Alexa ranking and see that your site is listed in DMOZ (Open Directory Project) or not. Just enter your URL and get your reports in few seconds. ReportBot gives you the perfect results with only single click. You may also use ReporBot at your site too.

  • Cost: Free

RSS Edit

Visit RSS Edit

RSS Edit is RSS feed editor that allows you to create and maintain news feeds on your web-site. RSS Edit generates feeds using version 2.0 of RSS standard, the only version that is recommended to be used. You can edit feeds on your machine and upload new messages through FTP protocal to your web sites. Number of feeds and messages is limited only by free space on your machine and server. Old messages of all RSS feeds are stored in RSS Edit's database. Any time you can preview your feeds as raw XML and HTML.

  • Cost: Trial/$24.95
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows

Screen Shot Maker

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Screen Shot Maker is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. Great if you want to capture desired desktop screen pictures and select capture area in rectangle, window, control, or some video games. Editing and enhancement tools include filters, adjust image size and color level, crop, rotate, add your comment; Allows to capture multiple images; Allows to capture cursor image; Most used graphics formats for saving images - BMP, JPEG, TGA, GIF, PNG, PCX, WMF, EMF and TIFF.

  • Cost: Trial/$16.95
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Windows

ScreenXP Screensaver Maker

Visit ScreenXP Screensaver Maker

Screensaver Maker allows you to make your own professional screen saver in minutes. Screensaver Maker lets you create screensaver based on Shockwave Flash (no limit to your imagination.), Image Slide Show (display your favorite photos) and Movie (Quick Time, Mpeg, AVI.). Several options are available: More Files Support; MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA Background music support; Transition Effect support; Masking Effect support; Customizable screen saver Dialog box, sell your screen saver option, and more.

  • Cost: $59.95
  • Version: 2.3
  • Platforms: Windows

Search Engine Optimization Tool

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You simply set up the templates to match your site then upload a list of keywords. The rest is on autopilot. The software resides on your web server and creates the pages directly on your server. Real power comes in having the ability to automatically mass-produce thousands of top ten optimized pages. We also thoroughly explain how to establish your own robust network of optimized pages including; how to use cloaking to make your pages undetectable to your competition and using traffic pumps to multiply your stream of motivated buyers.

  • Cost: $999.00
  • Platforms: Unix, Linux, BSD

Secure Password Manager

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Secure Password Manager is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. You can automatically fill in password in ANY application (IE, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, MSN.). Secure Password Manager uses industrial strength 256-bit AES/Rijndael/Blowfish encryption to keep your passwords secure.It is well designed to let you store and track names, passwords, credit cards, software serial numbers and confidential notes in an encrypted form securely and easily. It is multi-user support.

  • Cost: $28.95
  • Version: 2.10
  • Platforms: Windows