Oyster Web

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Online tutorials and tools targetted to help with the improving of natural search engine rankings. Many things to help a website can be conducted in house. Whether it be improvements achieved through a targetted link campaign or locating your server in the target market country all can provide gains. This site contains advice that will ensure that basic search engine optimisation to help a site is found easily in simple language. Tools include: backward link checker, email encryption, header reponse checker, key work focus tool each explained.

  • Cost: Free

Search Engine Guidelines / Tips

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Search Engine Optimization Guidelines that include submission links to the major search engines. Also, includes details related to metatag requirements for each search engine and details related to paid placement to include pay per click search engines and paid inclusion costs. Covers who powers who and meta search engines. This page is updated on a regular basis to provide the information on changing search engine alliances, new submission links and overall details related to each major search engine.

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Search Engine Spam Detector

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This innovative online tool conducts complex analysis on a web page, detecting and reporting features that search engines could consider spam, like hidden text, keyword stuffing or doorway farms. The algorithms behind the tool were developed following criterions similar to those used by search engines to prevent spamdexing. This educational tool was created to demonstrate how it is relatively easy for a search engine to detect attempts to manipulate search results, a FAQ page shows also what methods were used to project the complex algorithms.

  • Cost: Freeware
  • Platforms: All (browser based)

SEO Scheduler

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SEO Scheduler allows you to optimize your website for search engines in just twenty minutes a day. The SEO scheduling software is based on tasks, in other words different tasks for optimizing pages, content, link building etc are automatically created based around the key phrases you want to rank for. The software will look at the key phrases you want to rank the most and give you more tasks for those phrases while also helping you target your other second tier key phrases. SEO Scheduler automatically schedules out the tasks for you in a proven method that help you move up the rankings without having to wonder what else you can do to increase your rankings for a particular key phrase. There is no limit to how many key phrases you can put into SEO Scheduler to optimize for. The system is built to help you target as many key phrases as you want to. In fact the more you do the better off your SEO will be.

  • Cost: $19.00/mo+

The Best Free Search Engine List

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The Search Engine List has over 1,000 links to search engines, directories, PPC search engines, meta search engines, special vertical systems, niche directories, classified ad sites, press release sites, and an number of foreign systems. Offers a free search engine submission system and list data in 6 different formats for web sites, search engine submissions, and to import into other programs. The files are available in HTML, ASCII-delimited, HTML-include, dBASE, PDF, and as an Excel spreadsheet. List is updated every month.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 031004

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio

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Creating a search engine for your web site does not have to be difficult. Search Engine Studio automatically indexes your web site (with a HTTP crawler, an FTP / local disk scanner, or using an XML file) and then creates a professional, ultra fast search engine for your website (as a binary CGI script or PHP script) or an offline search for CD-ROM / DVD distributions. No installation on server required thanks to a built-in highly optimized database engine. The difference between Search Engine Studio and other search engine generators is that it uses its own highly optimized database engine so there is absolutely no installation required on the server. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps of the assistant to have the program automatically index your website and then upload the required files to your server.

  • Cost: $99.00
  • Version: 6
  • Platforms: Windows

Zoom Search Engine

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Add a custom search engine to your website or intranet, or CD-ROM-Zoom is a package for web developers to add a powerful custom search engine to their website in a matter of minutes. No complicated server-side setup procedures, just index and upload from your own Windows computer. Features include: "Google-like" context descriptions, wildcard and exact phrase searching, logging, statistic reports, sort by date options, spelling suggestions and more. Available for PHP, ASP, JavaScript and CGI platforms.

  • Cost: Free/$49.00 - $99.00
  • Version: 4.0 1016
  • Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux