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YoungCoders provides HTML help, as well as support and tutorials for other programming languages such as PHP, ASP and JavaScript. Learning to program is simple with the help of others. YoungCoders provides a warm community where everybody can help each other and share knowledge. There are also sections that deal with Graphic design, as graphic design can prove essential in program construction, especially in web based applications. You get the chance to read a range of diffrent tutorials in diffrent subjects, including the use of photoshop.

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Specializes in the discussion of all aspects of computing from server administration and setup, hardware and software configuration, operating systems, the very latest and cutting edge products from the leading manufatures', shared and dedicated hosting as well as discussions on running a webhosting biz.

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Web Xpertz Community Forums

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Web Xpertz Community Forums for Webmasters & Developers are a community based site, where webmasters of varying skill levels can find online resources to assist them with all phases of a web project from Planing to Design, Creation, Promotion & Maintenance/Improvement. Topics include JavaScript Discussion, HTML and Design Discussion, CGI Scripting and Programming, CSS FAQ, XHML FAQ, PHP FAQ, VBScript FAQ, MySQL, Access, SQL Server FAQ, and Web Hosting.

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