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Webmaster discussion on numerous topics including Website design, programming, scripting, hosting, server administration, search engines, and operating systems. Topics include: HTML, Macromedia Flash, Java Applets, XML, PERL, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, virtual hosting, dedicated hosting, bandwidth discussion, apache, sendmail, MySQL, DNS, BIND, server security, search engines, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Redhat Linux, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, design discussion, Website Reviews, Photography, Digital Art, Google Search Engine.

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Free posting for projects and freelance professionals. A PPC Search Engine and resources for freelancer and company. Categories includes Programming and Software Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Administrative Support, Accounting and Finance, Writing and Translation, Multimedia, Typing and Data Entry. Sites includes PPC Search Engine for Freelancer and Companies. Signup free to get 2 dollars for bidding. Resources for Webmaster, and e-Martketplace listing over 10, 000 downloadables products, and books recommendation.

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Founded in January 2005, Benefito is a community helping people earn money. The service is free for everyone. With Benefito, people can: Advertise services to earn extra money; Grow business; Find jobs and gigs; Find ways to work from home; Advertise home business; Find helpers from babysitters to software developers; Meet people with common goals; Play Lottopool. Benefito's mission is to create a Boundaryless Service Market connecting worldwide services. Categories include: Business, Childcare, Creative, Eldercare, Entertainment, Event, Home Improvement, Household, Labor, Lessons, Personal, Programming, Real Estate, Skills/Trade, Accounting, Advertising, Business Consulting, Legal Advice, Visual Merchandising, Copywriting, Drawing, Fashion Design, Grocery shopping, Private Chefs, Actor, Actress, Clowns, Corporate Events, Funeral Music, Cake Decorating, Catering, Bartender, Wedding Planning, Plumber, Remodeling, PERL, PHP, and more.

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CGILance helps webmasters find programmers to create, modify or install CGI, Perl, C/C++ and PHP scripts they need for their site. It allows them to find the professionals they need at the lowest possible prices. When you post a project on CGILance, programmers essentially compete for your business by bidding on your project much like an auction. There is no up front fees at CGILance. You can deposit money in several different ways (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and sellers can withdraw money in many ways too.

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Programming articles about PHP, MySQL, Java, Linux, software resources directory, freelance database, forum, useful tips about creating software solutions and cool links of websites you should visit. The forum section focusses on programming either in English or Slovak. The site has a list of programming projects that have been worked on such as FaceRSS-The JavaServer Faces (JSF) RSS component, Simple PHP Antispam Class, Natali-library information system, a bank application in EJB, JDO, Servlets, and JSP, and much more.

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Freelance Warriors

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FreelanceWarriors enables businesses and individuals (Buyers) to outsource projects-such as web development, logos, graphic design, copywriting and much more-to a highly skilled pool of qualified service providers (Sellers). Sign up and post projects for free and have highly qualified freelance experts bid on your projects. Select the freelancer that fits your project and budget and have them complete the project to your specification and approval. Get your projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

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Lil' Hangout Community

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Are you just learning the webmaster lingo? Need a place to get personal attention? Free, fun, and friendly community welcome you. Things from webmaster resources, articles, tutorials, snips of code, forums, games, classifieds, personal journals, informative help, links, and places to advertise can be found here and more.

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Monster Liaison Freelancers Portal

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Monster Liaison is a freelancer portal where you can hire freelancers and designers. It is also a place for programmers and designers to find projects and jobs to work on. By outsourcing your work you can save time and money. Categories include:.NET, Cold Fusion, Data Entery, Handhelds, JSP, MS Access, MySQL, PostfreSQL, SEO, Visual Basic, XML, AJAX, Corporate Identity, Delphi, Java, LDAP, MS SQL, Oracle, Python, SQL, Web Design, ASP, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, Links, mSQL, PERL / CGI, Script Installation, System Admin, Wordpress, CMS, C/C++, Graphic Design, Joomla, Marketing, Multimedia, PHP, Security, Translation, and writing. Hire Freelance Designers, Programmers, Web Developers and other professionals by letting them bid on your projects. Get free quotes, hire professionals that you need to get your work done.

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Nyfreelancers.com help connect buyers who require webdesign/programming services to freelance programmers and designers. Post your projects now for free and receive quality bids from hundreds of freelancers around the world. No project is to big or small. Its totally free to post a project. Post your web design, custom scripting, graphic design and script installation projects now. Freelancers do you provide custom programming, web site design, SEO, graphic design or IT services then register now for free and start bidding on new projects.

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OS Empire

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OS Empire is a place to strengthen your web presence. Automation and accessibility are top priority. The web can be a challenging place to start out in search of success. For those who make it, usually you've made a few mistakes and occasionally were asking for help along the way. The principal of OSempire is to share information, code, skills, and resources to help each other succeed. If you are looking to "network" with fellow webmasters, you have found the right place. Join OSempire and make some new friends. OSempire also offers web hosting called OSWebhosting. OSWebhosting can guarantee you high quality webhosting with great support and customer care. The great rates will surprise you considering the high quality top professional webhosting the pros use. Also, OS offers the best hosting for topsites and provides PHP Aardvark help and support along with a free forum dedicated to PHP Aardvark sites, themes, mods, and more.

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