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ZeallSoft FunPhotor is funny and easy-to-use photo-blend software. Put yourself and friends and family members on 100USD bills, or swap all of their face and bodies. Change yourself into an astronaut or personalize on a poster. Revise others' photographs, or play practical jokes. ZeallSoft FunPhotor is professional photo-blend software, and it's also a valuable and sophisticated toy for personal entertainment. Supports Multi-Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and includes over 100 templates to make editing easier.

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Version: 2.1
  • Platforms: Windows

Get Free Fonts

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You will not find a more complete resource for your font needs, and the font community is glad to be of service. GFF also has a forum to post and find a font you've been searching for. Thousands of fonts by more than 300 authors. The wonderful part is, they're FREE. Within each alphabetical category on the menu above you will find a large variety of free fonts available. The pages show graphical examples of the fonts, and links to the authors so you can visit their sites for more. Download free fonts for MS Windows and Apple Mac.

  • Cost: Free

Graphic Design Schools

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Graphic Design Schools has been reincarnated as a blog, created by designers for designers. It is their goal to bring budding graphic designers, webbys, media arts, industrial design types the information they need to help either find the right school or getting ahead in their career. Their website has a great deal of information on many different types of degrees including animation design, digital media production, game design, industrial design, media arts, motion graphics, multimedia design, residential design, video production, visual communications, and web design degrees. They also have a graphics directory, graphics glossary, and an area to the top graphic design employers. Graphic Design Schools has numerous categories on their website including schools, programs, careers, jobs, designers, videos, locations, news, and graphic FYI. They even have an RSS feed to stay up to date on the latest posts and news.

  • Cost: Free

Graphics Central

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This site is dedicated to providing you with a one stop shop for all your graphics needs. They offer brushes, tutorials, flash movies, and templates. If you have ever created any of these items, be sure to add them to their massive database. Along with helping others, you will be helping yourself, by increasing your sites traffic, and getting your name well developed in the graphics design world. At the forum you will find many experienced graphics and web artist ready to assist you with what ever questions you might have.

  • Cost: Free

Infinitee Designs

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Galleries of 3D computer graphics, tutorials, 3D models, 2D illustration, full Web design services, sci-fi, fantasy, Rock n Roll T-shirts, prints, posters, free wallpaper, photography, artists links, Alias Wavfront Maya, 3D Studio Max, Poser, Bryce and Adobe Photoshop digital art by Ralph Hawke Manis. Full service Web Design and graphics company, business logo design, product development marketing, E-commerce, credit cards, hosting, domain name registration and site setup, management and implementation, resources, and search engine placement.

  • Cost: Free

Logo Design By Simoh Graphics

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Simoh Graphics is a leader in affordable custom graphics for small businesses. They offer custom logo design starting at only twenty dollars. Their logos are not made from a cookie cutter logo template. All of their logos are original art and they offer free revisions. In addition to designing your logo, they can also help to get your logo printed on promotional merchandise to advertise your company. They have a full range of merchandise to choose from including everything from clothes to clocks and much more.

  • Cost: $20.00+

Magic ASCII Studio

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Magic ASCII Studio can convert image to color-coded text ASCII Art file. Magic ASCII Studio is a powerful ASCII Art generation platform. You can make ASCII Art Words, ASCII Art Photos and even ASCII Art Animations easily by using Magic ASCII Studio. Magic ASCII Studio can take an image and process it to an HTML, RTF, BMP or TEXT file of color-coded text characters, that when combined, resemble an image. In Magic ASCII Studio, drawing ASCII Art Photos is like drawing a picture in the Paint application of Windows.

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Version: 2.2
  • Platforms: Windows

Memories Instant Computer Scrapbook

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Instant scrapbook which is perfect for Mom. New Photos: Getting photos from your camera couldn't be simpler; Picture Click: Just click on the corner of photos to rate or rotate; Resize: Zoom in and out of your scrapbook pages; Titles: Type titles for photos, individually or in groups; Journal Text: Capture important details for photos or titles; Pictures in Pictures: Organize pictures by saving them in other pictures; Musical Slideshow: Hear sounds recorded on your camera, play music; Auto e-mail: Writes e-mail text using titles and journals.

  • Cost: Trial/$39.99
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Windows


Visit MyWebButtons is a subscription based site that has thousands of buttons in various sizes and colors. No two button sets are alike. New buttons added daily, Around 100 new sets each month. Each set contains standard and mouseover images as well as the javascript to use them on any web page. The site also includes navigation bars and icons. There are free buttons in the public area that show a small sampling of what is inside. There are hundreds of sets in the member's area of the site that can be used on any site.

  • Cost: $5.95-$9.95/mo
  • Platforms: Any

Nucleo's Domain

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Nucleo's Domain produces professional graphics at an affordable price. High-resolution logo's (1000x1000+), which are of high quality and extremely unique. Comes as standard with all the setup files (PNG, PSD. etc) which also includes fonts. Once made, all the files are sent to the buyer. All designs are unique, none are made to look at all similar. If there are any problems, there is an easy to access forum, consisting of budding graphics designers. Some experts and some beginners, a small learning community.

  • Cost: Varies