Flash Photo Galleries

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These dynamic Flash and XML Photo Galleries give you the capability to add unlimited images. These are stand alone photo galleries that can be added to any html page. You don't need to have Flash to use these galleries as images are loaded externally and text is added in an xml file which can be edited in any text editor. Preloaders are added for the images. There is a large variety of different styles to choose from so that you can have the look and feel that you might want. Some of the features of these photo galleries include anything from categories, thumbnails, flexible large sizes, transition effects, titles, descriptions, popups, slideshows, page flip photo albums, and more.

  • Cost: Varies

FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite

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FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite is a collection of Macromedia Flash based instrumentation controls used to develop realistic instrument panels and financial applications. It brings the combined experience of programmers and graphic artists to you in a set of extremely easy-to-use controls. It helps you create eye-catching instrumentation controls and makes full use of the fluid beauty of Macromedia Flash to create interactive and visually arresting controls. This may be accomplished from any server side scripting language.

  • Cost: Free/$99.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All

Interactive Flash USA Map

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This professionally designed dynamic map has all the features you need for your web site or project. This is the ideal solution for dealer maps, branch locators, real-estate listings, or even visualizing statistics. Nearly every aspect of the map is customizable. Key features include: clickable states that act as links; popup information on mouse over such as text, pictures, or other HTML; Easy to customize colors, links, map size and descriptions all using XML files; Full.fla source code included so you can make major alterations if needed; dynamic maps where the data can be retrieved by any platform capable of outputting an XML file; PHP, ASP, Ruby, PERL, Python, and many others supported; Seamless integration where you can resize the map and utilize a transparent background to integrate the map into your site. Detailed step-by-step documentation included.

  • Cost: $59.00
  • Platforms: All

Interactive Flash World Map

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A professional-quality interactive map that is the ideal solution for displaying global offices, travel information, dealer locations, or just visualizing country statistics. You can easily customize almost every aspect of the map and they have worked hard to make installation painless. Features include: Pinpoint Locations where you can mark important locations using latitude and longitude; Clickable Map where countries and locations can be links; Click on a state and go to a specific url; Pop-up Information on Mouse-over which allows you to include additional country-specific information such as text, pictures, or other HTML; Smart zooming with an intuitive continent-level approach makes zooming second nature; Easily customizable colors, links, descriptions by editing the included XML file, no Flash knowledge required; You can also resize the map and utilize a transparent background to integrate the map into your site.

  • Cost: Trial / $199.00
  • Platforms: All

Ray - Community Widget Suite

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Ray is an advanced flash based communication software for your unique website. The complete Ray product includes: flash chat with audio/video conferencing, flash audio/video instant messenger, audio/video recorder, music player, video player, whiteboard, web presence and desktop application. Your community site needs a place where all members can talk openly and feel the spirit of a real live, active community. Allow your users to have interactive communication with other members, or via private chat, to record their own video online, upload any kind of video/audio files and much more. Ray is especially developed to make your community more attractive, functional and interactive. Ray turns your site into an addictive communication venue, increasing page-views, returning visitors count and overall rate of your site popularity. Get Ray Community Widget Suite for FREE.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 3.0
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows