Visit can help you get your work done. Thousands of freelance workers are waiting for your projects. For professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers offer the ability to work independently and you can choose among hundreds of projects. It's free to signup and you pay only commissions on projects completed. can offer freelancers in 24 different categories. All users are rated. For developers who need content GetAFreelancer offer an affiliate program. Signup now to post projects.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: All

SiteBeater Image Gallery

Visit SiteBeater Image Gallery

Complete image display system including auto-thumbailing, image upload, rating, searching, unlimited galleries and images, private & locked galleries, bulk import via .zip or ftp, products display, alternate images, unlimited categories, My Galleries page. Multi-domain, load-balancing, multi-lingual, mailing lists, themes, unlimited accounts and much more! Uses MSSQL. You can even connect to your shopping cart database and pull products directly from there to display with the images in your galleries.

  • Cost: Free/$100.00
  • Version: 2.00
  • Platforms: Windows 2000, XP

Dynamic Image Gallery

Visit Dynamic Image Gallery

Automatically reads images in a directory and creates a gallery from them. Create a link to the ImageGallery.asp and tell it where you images are stored. All the images you have saved in the MyPictures folder will be displayed dynamically according to the content of your images folder. It will automatically adjust it self to your visitor screen resolution, no more cropped images. It offer a nice Zoom In / Out Automatic Slide Show One click to see full size of every image.

  • Cost: $6.00
  • Version: 1
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux

ASP Tutorial for Beginners

Visit ASP Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial provides much information for beginner programmers trying to learn ASP. Topics include: What are Active Server Pages? Displaying Date, Time and Text; Using variables and forms; program flow control; loops; Subroutines and include/virtual; Session and Application methods; Dictionary Object; Cookies; Open Read and Create files; Introduction to Global.asa; Using ASP and JavaScript together; Using arrays; and Displaying pictures from an ASP file. Also includes an Active Server Pages Server-Side Scripting Programmer's Reference.

  • Cost: Free

ASP from A to Z

Visit ASP from A to Z

This article provides an easy way to find information that pertains to ASP, including a short definition of what ASP is, how ASP works, and an alphabetical list of terms and tips that relate to ASP. In the A-to-Z list, you will see a brief description as well as pertinent links to more detailed information (when that information is available). Topics include: Applications; Bottlenecks; Browser Connection; Buffering; C++; Caching; Client-Side Scripts; COM Object Debugging; Components; Connections; Cookie Munger; CPU; and Data Access Components.

  • Cost: Free


Visit Exposť

Expose is a Flash based-animation which allows you to create a sleek presentation of your pictures online. Search functions are supported, as well as a slideshow mode. This utility only uses Flash, HTML and Javascript, so you can use it on any web server. It is also small, a 120Kb footprint for the Flash animation, which makes it suitable for low-bandwidth connections. You create albums by editing an XML file, which specifies the information about individual albums and the pictures that are in them.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 3

Flash Web Menu

Visit Flash Web Menu

Flash Web Menu is a powerful, fully-customizable and multi-level menu solution for your web sites or flash navigation. It's written in Flash which functionally is capable of doing anything in a menu written in DHTML. It is an easy-to-use menu component which can be configurated simply in an XML file. It can be customized by changing the text, font, link, background, and border style. The designer can place the menu to relative position or absolute position, and therefore the menu can be easily located at any place of the web page or flash.

  • Cost: $19.00 - $39.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All

Flash Sound On/Off Button

Visit Flash Sound On/Off Button

A simple tutorial on creating a sound on/off button using Flash actionscript. This tutorial gives you a live demonstration on how the sound on and off button works and allows you to download the sample .fla file as well.

  • Cost: Free

W3Schools Flash Tutorial

Visit W3Schools Flash Tutorial

Flash is a tool for creating interactive and animated Web sites. In this Flash tutorial you will learn how to start using Flash in your applications. Start Learning Flash. Topics include: Flash introduction, Flash How To, Flash in HTML, Flash tweening, Flash GuideTween, Flash TintTween, Flash ShapeTween, Flash buttons, Flash animation, and Flash sound. You will also learn the advantages of Flash compared to animated images and Java Applets; how to embed a Flash movie into an HTML page; and tweening, where you can create movements and changes.

  • Cost: Free

Flash Tutorial

Visit Flash Tutorial

This Flash tutorial guides you through some of the basics. Topics include: Flash Basicss; Flash Drawing; Flash Buttons; Flash Tweenings; Flash and JavaScript. This resource also includes an FLA archive. Some of the specifics include: What is shockwave Flash? What do I need to create my own Flash movies? Learn to create Draw with Flash, explains the Flash toolbox, how to draw basic lines and shapes; Learn to create both simple buttons and advanced tell target buttons. Learn to change objects between two keyframes using Flash tweening.

  • Cost: Free

Flash Training Classes

Visit Flash Training Classes

Introduction to Macromedia Flash MX 2004 provides a comprehensive introduction to the newly released Flash MX 2004. The training class assumes no prior knowledge of Flash or Web design. Advanced Macromedia Flash MX 2004 with ActionScript 2 teaches how to program in ActionScript 2 to make Flash sites more interactive and dynamic. The training class assumes basic knowledge of Flash MX 2004. Advanced Development with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 teaches how to build rich internet applications with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004.

  • Cost: Varies

Streaming Flash Educational Videos

Visit Streaming Flash Educational Videos

Nortel Network's KidzOnline offers a series of entertaining tutorial videos completely free. Join host Gino and his animated side-kick Tweener as they explore the basics of Flash, the history of 2D animation, animation principles, the Flash interface, the toolbox, keyframing, tweening, actionscripting, importing, symbols, using sound, and even special effects. Unlike most online Flash resources, these videos and associated E-learning materials are professional productions due to KidzOnline's 3 million dollar annual budget.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Windows, Macintosh

Flash MX 2004 Tutorials

Visit Flash MX 2004 Tutorials

Entheos Flash MX 2004 Tutorials cover the basics along with some beautiful timeline effects and Flash programming. These tutorials include demos, step-by-step tutorials and.fla downloads on creating beautiful effects in Flash. Each one is explained in simple language along with step-by-step instructions for easy following. Tutorials cover topics such as Motion Tween, Shape Tween, Working on Layers, Bouncing Effect, Straight Ripple Effect, Circular Ripple Effect, Simple Preloader, Simple Timeline Preloader, Digital Clock, and Analog Clock.

  • Cost: Free

Flash Ripple Effect

Visit Flash Ripple Effect

Learn how to create a simple and beautiful ripple effect in Flash. This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a smooth ripple effect in Flash. Use this tutorial to create a stunning effect for your website. Also included for free download is the Flash source.fla file. Detailed steps are given which explain creating the graphic symbol, creating the movie clip, and then inserting the movie ripple clip. More tutorials include creating an analog clock, shape tweens and motion tweens, creating a bouncing effect and more.

  • Cost: Free

Best Flash Animation Sites

Visit Best Flash Animation Sites

Showcase of the best Flash animation sites, pixel fonts and resources as voted by the community. Find inspiration for your Flash projects. Categories include: Best Flash Sites, Showcase Archive, Pixel Fonts, Software Reviews, Resources, and Articles. Specific topics include: Photographic artwork, vector graphics artwork, cartoons and anime, corporate, e-commerce, educational, experimental, Flash 3D, games, motion graphics, navigation, technical merit, typography, video, wingdings and symbols, forums, tutorials, flash remoting, and flash humor.

  • Cost: Free

Flash Web Site Builder

Visit Flash Web Site Builder

Hoover Web Design's Flash Builder will allow you to design a Flash Web Site for your business or personal use without knowledge of Macromedia Flash. Build your site online by selecting your photo, colors, and text. The site you create is made completely online through their Flash interface. Your web site will be sent to you automatically via email. Once you have created your web site you can use a simple text editor such as notepad, to update your web site as much as you like. You can change the web template's colors, text and photo.

  • Cost: Free


Visit WebWorkOnline

Unique and trendy oscommerce templates with oscommerce preinstalled with modules. Ready to launch package with all popular modules and addons and giving a stunning look to your oscommerce. Features and modules installed: Secured admin login with username and password; More pictures for your products; Affiliate Modules; Link manager; Featured products; Many payment modules including 2checkout; Download controller for secure downloading; Polls modules; Gift voucher system. They also produce banner designs; website designs; logo types; identites.

  • Cost: $99.00+

No Right Click Script

Visit No Right Click Script

Causes an alert box to be triggered when the visitor right clicks on the web page with the mouse. In other words it disables the standard menu that appears when someone right clicks on your web site and instead shows an alert box. Provides simple, though limited, protection of images, source code, text, and data.

  • Cost: Free

Tigra Calendar

Visit Tigra Calendar

Popup timestamp picker is a JavaScript applet that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time field(s) of your form, by selecting the date from a popup calendar. Script saves the time for those internet/intranet developers who need intuitive, easy to use client-side date or timestamp input control.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 3.2
  • Platforms: All


Visit CodeThatCalendar

CodeThatCalendar enables you to easily add the date/time picker to your form or page. Both popup and inline calendars are supported. Features include support for current date and week highlighting, localization, CSS support; Ability to setup start year, date; Configurable scrolling feature; Support for various date formats; Ability to configure the Calendar through the CSS styles; Inline calendar support; Unlimited number of the calendar controls on the same form/page; All titles can be configured so localization of the calendar is easy.

  • Cost: Freeware
  • Version: 1.01
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux

DatePicker Control

Visit DatePicker Control

The DatePicker lets users easily select valid dates. No need to worry about date formats, by picking dates it's always correct. Browsing through the years is possible. Works with pre-1970 dates (no unix-style limitation). Allowed input formats are: American mm/dd/yyyy (12/31/2003), European (31.12.2003) and ISO yyyy-mm-dd (2003-12-31). The style and colors can be highly customized by color names and/or css classes. Dates can be selected and typed in. Validation of typed in dates - eg 2001/02/29 won't be accepted. Knows leap years.

  • Cost: Free/$20.00 - $460.00
  • Version: 4.5
  • Platforms: All

Basic Calendar

Visit Basic Calendar

If you need a simple, elegant calendar to display the current days of the month, the current date is highlighted within the Calendar. Basic Calendar is an excellent script for the purpose. Uses CSS to allow easy changing to its appearance, everything from calendar dimensions, colors, down to the font used to highlight the current day. Easily expand script to display multiple months, either all at once or otherwise. You can create simple functions to display the calendar dynamically, such as on demand using a drop down menu.

  • Cost: Free


Visit FlatCalendarXP

FlatCalendarXP is arguably the most powerful and configurable JavaScript calendar available. There are very few, if any, things that other JavaScript calendars can do that FlatCalendarXP can not. You'll be amazed to see how simple and fast it is to get it generated by a calendar tag. It features database-driven events/agendas, real cross-browser capability, extremely customizable UI, super easy-to-use design and a compact and fast JavaScript engine. It works perfectly with ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other web frameworks.

  • Cost: Free/$109.00 - $999.00
  • Version: 9.4.246


Visit PopCalendarXP

PopCalendarXP is a good looking JavaScript date picker that comes with many convenient features to facilitate date inputs on your webpage. In short words, it's simple outside while powerful inside and all well documented that even people with little JavaScript experience can get it working in no time. It features auto-adaptive positioning, database-driven events/agendas, real cross browser capability, extremely customizable UI, super easy-to-use design and many handy options. It works perfectly with.NET, ASP, JSP, PHP and so on.

  • Cost: Free/$109.00 - $199.00
  • Version: 8.1


Visit ScriptCalendar

ScriptCalendar is a DHTML JavaScript Calendar that displays dates in typical wall calendar format for a specified month. The calendar is interactive and the user may select any month or year to display. The calendar has events that may be displayed within a date and these events are customizable. ScriptCalendar is consists entirely of javascript, no server side processing required. The events may be stored in a dcevent.js file, or in XML format. An XML toolkit is included which provides a GUI interface for adding or modifying events.

  • Cost: Trial/$45.00
  • Version: 4.0
  • Platforms: All

Javascript Date Selector

Visit Javascript Date Selector

The Javascript Date Selector allows you to remove clumsy date fields on forms. With this date selector you can configure numerous date formats such as European date format (dd/mm/yyyy) or USA date format (mm/dd/yyyy). The date selector allows you to use either a mouseover or a onclick action to force the graphical calendar to popup. From there it allows you to navigate through months or years so that you can select the exact date you want. Once selected it automatically generates the date in the format that your script is set to.

  • Cost: Free/$40.00 - $350.00

Using Guestbook Technology

Visit Using Guestbook Technology

Many service providers only provides a pre installed guestbook CGI. This idea modifies it and allow simple applications. Sounds odd, but for small applications, it is a quick way to display a sorted list updated by your guests. The guest book entries are stored in JavaScript code, and is included in your webpage for use by your web page. The site has loads of demos and examples of sample applications. It save you learning all that server side code. You do require HTML and JavaScript Skills. Use it to update simple tables.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All

Active Image Resizing

Visit Active Image Resizing

This script allows you to resize one or more images on a page by clicking and dragging on the image(s). A single left click will also reset the image to a default size. Any number of images may be used. The script allows you to set the default width and heights, and the minimum and maximum values that the widths and heights can go to.

  • Cost: Free

Advanced Slide Show

Visit Advanced Slide Show

Slide show with image captions and fader-effect image transitions. Easy, short, cross-browser cut-and-paste script presents images in a continuous slide show format with accompanying captions. Any number of images and captions can be used, and timing is adjustable. Great for JavaScript newcomers, but a solid utility script, too. The script is cross compatible from IE 4 to 6 and Netscape 4 to 7. The fade effect will only work for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape 4 shows the caption only.

  • Cost: Free

Advanced Gallery Script

Visit Advanced Gallery Script

This robust gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. Display images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner. Set the script to automatically cycle through the contents like in a scroller, or via manual selecting. Furthermore, inputting the contents is a breeze-simply wrap desired blocks of HTML in a special DIV tag, and they are automatically added to the gallery. It doesn't get easier than this. This script works in IE5, NS6, Opera7 and above, degrading well with the rest.

  • Cost: Free

Image Thumbnail Viewer

Visit Image Thumbnail Viewer

Prior to DHTML, viewing the images behind the thumbnails meant displaying them in their own browser window which interrupts your visitor's browsing experience. This Image Thumbnail Viewer script allows you to set up text links or image thumbnails that when clicked on, loads the intended image on the screen, inline within the same page. The image can be dragged around and set to center on the page. Browsers other than IE 4 and NS 6 and above will automatically resort to the old method of displaying the images-in their own browser window.

  • Cost: Free

Image Thumbnail Viewer II

Visit Image Thumbnail Viewer II

This image script loads and displays a larger image inline on the page when a thumbnail is clicked on. The larger image can be set to display anywhere on the page as desired. Good for letting visitors preview from many images then select the one of his choice to view all on the same page. Features include optional fade-wipe effect (applied during each image change), ability to toggle preload image on and off, set image border and link target for each larger image shown, define multiple regions for different images to be displayed in.

  • Cost: Free

Tigra Menu

Visit Tigra Menu

Tigra Menu is free JavaScript menu navigation component for web sites. This is the script thousands webmasters around the world have chosen for its great feature set, flexibility, performance and tons of support materials offered free of charge. No matter if you web mastering guru or newbie-this is what you've been looking for. Features include: unlimited menu depth with all levels independently configurable; unlimited number of menus on single page all independently configurable. Supports custom effects and geometry.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 2.0

Tigra Scroller

Visit Tigra Scroller

Tigra Scroller is free JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box. Moving content saves the space on the page and attracts visitor's attention. Script is ideal for displaying long lists like hot news, events, slide shows, ads etc. Features include: Unlimited number of scroller instances on the page, each independently configurable; Scroller look is configurable via CSS; Adjustable scrolling speed.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.3
  • Platforms: All

Amazing Draggable Layer

Visit Amazing Draggable Layer

This script implements a draggable layer that can be used much like a popup window, but without the usual focus problems that popups often imply. This is also an alternative for a webmaster to fight against popup killers, by simulating a popup box with layers. This script would replace the typical javascript code that creates a popup with the open window function. Also included are simple controls to show or hide the draggable layer. Compatible with NS4-7 & IE.

  • Cost: Free

Image Popup Window Script

Visit Image Popup Window Script

Use this script to launch a popup window that automatically loads an image and resizes itself to fit neatly around that image. The script also places a title you set in the titlebar of the popup window. Any number of images can be launched from a single instance of the script.

  • Cost: Free

JavaScript Tips and Tricks

Visit JavaScript Tips and Tricks

A small collection of popular simple tips and tricks to be used in JavaScript. Examples include: Keep background fixed when pages scrolls; Call more than one function from an event; Make window pop under; Set window size; Set window position; Make window come to front; Stop window from losting focus; Scroll to top of page with JavaScript link; Bring window to front periodically; Prevent page being captured in frameset; Redirect page with or without JavaScript; Reload page at given time interval; Put scrollbar on left side instead of right.

  • Cost: Free

PHP Event Calendar

Visit PHP Event Calendar

PHP Event Calendar is reusable PHP script extending web site's functionality with event sheduler or news archive. Nice looking calendar is dynamically created on the user's page. Every aspect of the script is configurable. With intuitive control panel minimum efforts are required to set up and maintain the script. Multiple calendars can be created, configured and maintained with control panel supplied. Event calendar appearance and features are configured visually.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.3
  • Platforms: All

AEwebworks Dating Software

Visit AEwebworks Dating Software

The aeDating dating script is flexible allowing you to control settings, appearance, memberships, etc. Features include: Online chat; instant messenger; photos upload; shopping cart; voice and video; newsletter; photo gallery; virtual kisses; ZIP code locator; affiliate program; admin panel; invite friend; polls; multiple languages; hot list; rate profile; templates; links page; rate photo (Hot or Not); feedback; news; On-fly photos auto scaling; Automatic sucess stories posting; Graduated pricing; Invite / tell a friend; Multiple languages.

  • Cost: $690.00
  • Version: 4.1 IQ
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows

Rich Editor

Visit Rich Editor

Rich Editor (RE) is a browser based online WYSIWYG editor. No knowledge of HTML required. 100 percent script. Web Developers can use RE in CMSs or just instead TEXTAREA tags. Implemented as a PHP class. It is easy to use it in your scripts. Create as many RE elements, as you want to be placed on your page. Advanced work with images, including file uploading, tables, links, stylesheets, FLASH and more. No slow Java Applets. No additional ActiveX components are required. RE can be easily rebrandable.

  • Cost: Trial/$49
  • Version: 2.0
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows


Visit PHP MySQL Simple CMS

PHP MySQL Simple Content Management is a simple content management system which will allow you to create your own website in minutes. Simple to setup and administer; All site settings are easily customized with the administration interface; Full web based administration control panel to quickly add, edit, or update your content; Runs on an Apache or IIS webserver with PHP and MySQL. The goal of this system is to have a simple, easy to use, fast website. PHP MySQL Simple Content Management is open-source and released under the GPL license.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Linux, Unix, Windows

Chipmunk Guestbook

Visit Chipmunk Guestbook

A powerful guestbook that features smilies, yahoo, aim, yim, and many other options and admin features. Chipmunk Guestbook is an easy to use, yet powerful guestbook with a customizable layout, and ability to delete entries by browse and search. The new version allso supports BBcode, except the quote and code command in BBCode. You can also ban certain Ip's from posting. MySQL required.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 1.2

DB Guestbook

Visit DB Guestbook

DB Guestbook is a flat file PHP guestbook script that has a layout that is easy to modify. Smilies are available for users to include in their messages. An admin section is available for an owner to install the data files, clear the guestbook, edit the data file, check for updates, and check data file stats. The secure admin control panel puts you in control of your guestbook. You are able to modify the layout of the guestbook using HTML. The script records the time the entry was made, has an name field, email field, and message field.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platforms: Unix, Windows, Linux

PHP Smart Guest Book

Visit PHP Smart Guest Book

This free Flash and PHP Guest-Book has a smart eye-catching interactive interface, active bad word filter, fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and small Flash file size (16KB). Cross Browser Compatible. Comments field can accept HTML text. JavaScript validation of fields. It is very easy to install and customize for any web site. Uses a MySQL database. Advanced Version includes complete password-protected administration panel and animated/multiple entry display interfaces.

  • Cost: Free
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: All


Visit YaPiG

Yet Another PHP Image Gallery is a simple script that uses de GD library and designed for keeping on a web personal photo or image albums. Visitors tracking, user comments, no SQL required, web based admin tool, easy template system, multilingual. Yapig is Free (GPL). Script written in PHP (4.x).Requires GD library to work. Simple configuration (YaPig will be running just spending 5 minutes in configuration). Simple Interface. Administration with a web based interface. Admin tasks. Thumbnails automatically Generated. Allows Multiple galleries.

  • Cost: Free (GPL)
  • Version: 0.80
  • Platforms: All

PHP Manual

Visit PHP Manual

Comprehensive manual covering many areas of PHP for beginning to advanced PHP programmers. Major categories include: An introduction, a language reference, features, function reference, Zend API, PHP API, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). A few of the more specific topics it covers are: basic syntax, types, variables, constants, expressions, operators, control structures, functions, classes and objects, HTTP authentication with PHP, cookies, handling file uploads, safe mode, connection handling, error handling, and logging functions.

  • Cost: Free

PHP Tutorial

Visit PHP Tutorial

Up until recently, scripting on the internet was something which very few people even attempted, let alone mastered. Recently though, more and more people have been building their own websites and scripting languages have become more important. Because of this, scripting languages are becomming easier to learn and PHP is one of the easiest and most powerful yet. This beginning tutorial on PHP covers: An introduction, displaying information and variables, if statements, loops and arrays, e-mail with php, and some final notes on PHP.

  • Cost: Free

Header & Footer Inclusion

Visit Header & Footer Inclusion

This is a beginners tutorial on how to create and include header/footer files at the top and bottom of all pages in your site. This comes in very handy, for example, when you want to update something that is the same on each page such as a menu or copyright notice. You would only need to update a single file to have the changes appear on all pages of your site.

  • Cost: Free

An Introduction to PHP

Visit An Introduction to PHP

An introduction to the basics of PHP, including operators, control flow to forms, server variables, cookies and HTTP headers. PHP is a server-side scripting language and interpreter that is available on a wide range of platforms, including some versions of Apache, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). The original program was called Personal Home Page Tools, which is where the initials PHP come from. Some say that PHP is a recursive three letter acronym meaning, PHP Hypertext Pre-processor, others say Pre Hypertext Processor.

  • Cost: Free


At you will find free PHP scripts and php resources. Free PHP scripts listed on the site include: Contact Form 1.0, Daily Pic 1.0, Gallery Generator 1.0, Mailing List 1.0, Random Popup 1.0, Simple Gallery 1,0, Simple Member 1.0, Simple Poll 1.0, Spider Log 1.0, and Simple Referer 1.0. The site also has a script request area so that you can suggest to them more scripts to produce. They also have PHP forums, support forums, programming chat, and PHP resource links.

  • Cost: Free

Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial

Visit Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial

A Bourne Shell Programming (shell scripting) tutorial for learning about using the unix shell. Topics include: An introduction to Bourne Shell Programming; The Philosophy of Bourne Shell Programming; A first Script; Variables; Wildcards; Escape characters; Loops; Testing with Bourne Shell; Case; Using external programs with Bourne Shell; Functions; and hints and tips. Overall this is a general tutorial about programming the bourne shell. The site also links to other resources for further information on using Bourne Shell Programming.

  • Cost: Free, $10.00

W3Schools VBScript Tutorial

Visit W3Schools VBScript Tutorial

VBScript is a Microsoft technology that requires Microsoft's Internet Explorer. In this VBScript tutorial you will learn how to write VBScript, and how to insert these scripts into your HTML documents to make your Web pages more dynamic and interactive. Start Learning VBScript. Topics include: VBScript introduction, VBScript How To, VBScript Where To, VBScript variables, VBScript procedures, VBScript conditional, VBScript looping, VBScript examples, VBScript references, VBScript functions, VBScript keywords.

  • Cost: Free

W3Schools XML Tutorial

Visit W3Schools XML Tutorial

In this XML tutorial you will learn what XML is and the difference between XML and HTML. You will also learn how to start using XML in your applications. Topics include: XML introduction, XML how to use, XML syntax, XML elements, XML attributes, XML validation, XML browsers, XML viewing, XML CSS display, XML XSL display, XML data islands, XML parser, XML in real life, XML advanced, XML namespaces, XML CDATA, XML encoding, XML server, XML applications, XML http, XML behaviors, XML technologies, XML examples, XML quiz.

  • Cost: Free