Alagad Image Component

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The Alagad Image Component is a native ColdFusion Component (CFC) used to create and manipulate image files. Written entirely in ColdFusion CFML, the Image Component does not require installation of any additional software. The Image Component is not a CFX tag and is not Platform dependant. Because the Image Component is written in pure ColdFusion and instantiates only native Java objects, it compiles with the rest of your CFML files to Java bytecode. Use the Image Component omponent to read, write and edit image files.

  • Cost: $75.00
  • Version: 2.13

Image Server SDK

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Image Server SDK allows to customize and use in your Web-based server applications the functionality of product Web Image Guru. You can easily acquire images from web browsers, process the image, store the image, convert the image and return optimized images and thumbnails directly within your ASP, ColdFusion or other server applications. Image Server SDK new features are: New more powerful JPEG compression engine; Significantly enhanced color reduction algorithms; Lossy GIF color reduction; Wireless bitmaps (WBMP) supported; Process images directly within your ASP, ColdFusion or own (custom) server applications.

  • Cost: $300.00
  • Version: 4.1.8
  • Platforms: Windows