Asp.Net Faq Manager

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Quickly add a FAQ to your website or development project. The Asp.Net Faq Manager is fast and easy to setup, it's simple to use. The Asp.Net Faq Manager is a web application you setup on your website that allows you to more effectively manage an online archive of frequently asked questions. Providing the necessary features, the Asp.Net Faq Manager is an easy to use and simple FAQ software solution. Features: Create an unlimited amount of FAQ topics; You can create an unlimited amount of frequently asked questions for each category; Password protected admin area which will allow you to login and create, update, view, sort, and delete frequently asked questions and FAQ categories with ease; enable visitors of your site to effortlessly browse and search your FAQ categories and questions to find their answers; All searches include an RSS feed; You can display your FAQs anywhere using code you generate in the Admin area.

  • Cost: $69.00
  • Platforms: SQL Server 2000

Fixit FAQ

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The Fixit FAQ system has been designed to be simple to isntall, and simple to use. Easily create and maintain FAQs about your services and business. Capture what your web visitors want to know, and provide quick, 24x7 access to the key information that could secure your next client. Reduce valuable time and cost spent replying to common queries. Capture information your visitors are looking for and quickly build a library of useful FAQs. Comes with Access 2000 database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripst. Written in 100% ASP/VBScript.

  • Cost: $14.00
  • Platforms: Windows

Fixit FAQ Pro

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Fixit FAQ Pro is an ASP FAQ knowledge base script for your website. It will auto email when a visitor suggests a question, and also when you publish a response. It has unlimited categories, powerful search capabilities, and any level of sub categories. Change each FAQ quickly between hidden and published so that your visitors will only see the FAQ if approved by the administrator. The control panel allows new categories and questions to be added, ammended, and deleted. Comes with Access 2000 database and MySQL and SQL Server setup scripts.

  • Cost: $20.00
  • Platforms: Windows

Fixit FAQ.Net

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FAQ Manager, written in ASP.NET has unlimited categories, easy to use security, powerful search capabilities. Allow your customers access to common queries about your site and products 24x7. Let them submit new questions they can't find an answer to-answer it, and publish it. Sends an automatic email to the person who suggested the FAQ. Use as is-with an out of the box Access Database, ready to use, or download full Visual Studio 2003.Net source files, to amend, and brand as you please. SQL Server, MS Access, ASP.Net.

  • Cost: $46.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: Windows IIS

Fixit Knowledge Base

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Full and complete knowledge management system, providing all the features a service desk needs to ensure consistent, approved solutions. Use it to provide training for new staff to ensure they get the same information time and time again, or use it as a pre-sales tool, and more. Features include: Powerful natural language search engine, diagnostical approach, voting and comments option, audit history, whiteboard, quicklinks, user administration, matching words and statements, browse solutions, and full WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

  • Cost: $82.00


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Complete ASP.NET knowledge base management solution. Features Rich-text articles (WYSIWYG), Article attachments, Related Links, Powerful search capabilities, Rate and comment articles, Print or email articles, Comprehensive secure administration area. Questions can be submitted directly to the knowledge base allowing subject matter experts to answer and instantly share this question with others. This will slash the time you spend answering the same common support questions over and over again.

  • Cost: $119.00 - $299.00
  • Version: 1.2
  • Platforms: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP


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A versatile FAQ or knowledgebase system that can be easily added to any existing site. Allows you to create a comprehensive and interactive knowledge database on any size web site. Great for product support, research articles; or any type of Question and Answer forum. XcInfoBase is simple to setup using a plain text configuration file and an HTML template file. It can display database articles in a Question and Answer format, or in a regular article format.

  • Cost: $250.00
  • Version: 1.0
  • Platforms: IIS 4.0+