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ASP : Scripts and Programs : File Manipultation

HTTP Commander

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HTTP Commander is web file manager, file upload, web file sharing solution. This software intended for fast and easy integration into Windows web sites functionality of sharing and management files at the server through web browser over HTTP. Its interface looks the same as Windows File Explorer. Users can remotely work with personal or shared folders stored at server side. It designed for Microsoft IIS web servers, written in ASP.NET, supports all popular browsers ans OS at client side. HTTP Commander support both Forms authentication (Standard version) and Windows authentication (for Windows users(Active Directory) version). Features include: Files/folders management operations: creation, copying, deleting, renaming, move; Viewing and setting of attributes; Search for files; Web based editor of text files; Drag and Drop items to folder or ZIP archive at the server side. Also possible to drag items to folder in tree.

  • Cost: Free / $79.00+
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server
ASP : Web Sites

Complete ASP.NET 3.5 Training

Visit Complete ASP.NET 3.5 Training

This course presents all the essential tools, libraries, components and best practices that today's Web developers must utilize while building leading-edge ASP.NET Web applications. It begins by explaining the different Web application architectures and project types supported by Visual Studio 2008. Next, it introduces the different types of Web controls that are at the developers disposal. It also demonstrates the power of creating custom Web controls. User controls and master pages demonstrate the power of code reuse while the site navigation controls can be used to simplify navigation for the Web users. A thorough explanation of ADO.NET is covered using the latest Web data controls. Students will also learn about the ASP.NET provider model introduced with.NET 2.0 and newer. Web Parts are also extensively covered for use on ASP.NET and SharePoint Web sites. Today's Web security risks are explained and AJAX is covered.

  • Cost: $2495.00

ASP : Scripts and Programs : Customer Support


Visit EuroTask

EuroTask is a browser based Help Desk and ITIL Compatible Service Desk application, that is developed to help organizations or departments keep track of their tasks. EuroTask is used to keep tasks alive from the moment they are assigned to a person, to the responsible person is finished with the the task, and decides to close it. Have you ever tried that you tell a person to do something for you, and after a while the person has forgotten everything about your specific task. This will no longer happen if you assign the task using EuroTask. The person will receive the task, and as soon as her or her changes anything in the task, you will automatically be notified by E-mail. Once the assigned person chooses to close the task, you will also be notified, and if you can't accept that that the task has been closed, you have the ability to re-open it, and return it to the person. Advantages: Higher Efficiency, Productivity, and Communication.

  • Cost: 999.00
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Platforms: Windows
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Content Management


Visit SiteEnable

SiteEnable is a versatile, ready to use Web site with integrated content management. WYSIWYG editor, calendar, forums, polls, newsletters, user management, security and more. SiteEnable can be used to manage any type of content such as news, articles, links, listings, downloads, documents, projects, tasks, FAQ's and other content-centric information that is organized hierarchically. Use SiteEnable to deploy intranets, portals or simple business Web sites. SiteEnable is simple, but powerful.

  • Cost: $189.00
  • Version: 3.2
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Portal Systems

ASP Portal Content Management System

Visit ASP Portal Content Management System

ASP Portal is a content management solution that allows you to easily create and maintain a web portal (web site). It allows communities to share information with each other. ASP Portal includes news and download sections with security levels so users cannot gain unauthorized access to data. ASP Portal can be used for sport clubs, intranets, websites, knowledgebase, photo gallery's and various other community websites. Share information using the built-in RSS feeds, blog and forum. Features: RSS feeds generated from news, downloads, blog and knowledgebase; Publish news, articles, press releases, announcements, etc; Build a file library or directory of downloadable files. Control which users can download what files; Create user polls with various question and answer formats such as multiple choice; Manage users, content and other features from a secure browser-based Administration Control Panel; Web-based calendar; email notification.

  • Cost: Free/$19.00
  • Platforms: Windows
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Content Management

SiteDynamic Instant Website

Visit SiteDynamic Instant Website

Sitedynamic is a fast and easy Instant Website written in ASP server language. Mastering a rich text editor (WYSIWYG), a powerful content management system (CMS) and a web-based control panel, it is the ideal solution for Internet professionals and private users looking for a ready to run website. SiteDynamic is optimized for ranking and based on a single language file which makes it easy to translate into your own language. The skinning architecture enables you to design your own personalized website template.

  • Cost: $99.00 - 790.00
  • Version: 1.2.9
  • Platforms: IIS 5 or above, Windows 2000 and 2003 servers
ASP : Scripts and Programs : Classified Ads

Rapid Classified

Visit Rapid Classified

Rapid Classified is a mid-size classified software based on ASP script with loads of features. Application can utilize Access, SQL or MySQL database. Automated setup builds database and installs classified in minutes. Dynamic and flexible classified software configuration allows to approve ads before posting, verify users Emails, delete/edit ads, create, modify, sort three levels of Categories and Subcategories, advertisement management, automatic ad expiration, extensive Email and News Letter templates. The Classified Script pages are constructed with Header and Footer, which allows to add new pages and modify content on the fly. Features: Pay Mode with hookup to PayPal, MoneyBookers, 2CheckOut; Extensive Online Content Management System; WYSIWYG for ads posting (Innova Studio); Highly customizable XL templates; Advanced Banners Rotation System; Zip Code Proximity Search (USA); Amazon E-commerce services package.

  • Cost: Trial / $49.00+
  • Platforms: Windows IIS Web Server
ASP : Scripts and Programs : FAQ and Knowledgebase

Asp.Net Faq Manager

Visit Asp.Net Faq Manager

Quickly add a FAQ to your website or development project. The Asp.Net Faq Manager is fast and easy to setup, it's simple to use. The Asp.Net Faq Manager is a web application you setup on your website that allows you to more effectively manage an online archive of frequently asked questions. Providing the necessary features, the Asp.Net Faq Manager is an easy to use and simple FAQ software solution. Features: Create an unlimited amount of FAQ topics; You can create an unlimited amount of frequently asked questions for each category; Password protected admin area which will allow you to login and create, update, view, sort, and delete frequently asked questions and FAQ categories with ease; enable visitors of your site to effortlessly browse and search your FAQ categories and questions to find their answers; All searches include an RSS feed; You can display your FAQs anywhere using code you generate in the Admin area.

  • Cost: $69.00
  • Platforms: SQL Server 2000
ASP : Scripts and Programs : E-Commerce

WebShaper E-Commerce SEO Shopping Cart

Visit WebShaper E-Commerce SEO Shopping Cart

WebShaper e-commerce is the fastest way to establish a proven online storefront for your business. Their standard e-commerce template are fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO). Google, Yahoo and MSN can now properly index all product pages, allowing visitors and potential customers to find you for relevant product keywords. Let your customers automatically fetch your online store latest products, special promotion, best sellers, news etc via their favorite feed readers. It's a great way to engage customers, build brand, and extend relationships. Other features include: Google Base Bulk Upload; Digital Dashboard and Flash Charting; Auto-Resize Your Images; AJAX Style Interface; Template System; Mobile Interface; Multiple Payment Gateway Supported; Customized Shipping Options; WYSIWYG Editors; No Component Requires; Free Installation; Tax Options; Inventory Manager; UPS web services integrated; status page creation.

  • Cost: $799.00
  • Platforms: Windows
ASP : Programmers

Eastland Software

Visit Eastland Software

Eastland Software Co. Pvt. Ltd. (sister concern of Mars Exim Pvt. Ltd.) is a software service organization providing high quality digital technology solutions to enterprises worldwide, which are based on PC, Web, Client / server and Embedded technologies. Its work and innovation of the teams work expresses companys quality and reliability. Eastland welcome every challenge as an opportunity to develop a new way of applying strategic thinking with creativity and technology to deliver an innovative and effective solution.

  • Cost: Varies